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I shop and gets all of my medication at store # 07115 because it's near my home. I went through drive thru because it was get time for the pharmacy to close. When I got there this little white lady ask me very nice could she help me. I gave her my name and she left. A black girl came back to the window and said what's the birthday. I gave it to her and she scream through the window not using her microphone (i can't hear you). I told her I can... Read more

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  • Rite Aid
  • May 14
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Rite Aid employee who drives a red Dodge Challenger takes up two parking spots in front of store! I am handicapped and have to park on the side of the store which makes it harder to enter. Shouldn't employees park in parking spots away from the front entrance. Does Rite Aid not care about their costumers or what? Add comment

I was just told it would take a week 6-7 days to fill my script. OMG that is ridiculous. I know I take a controlled substance and my rx hates and treats me like Im a criminal. I cant help that I have back problems when I expressed that I was displeased she said OH WELL I continue to go there because its the closest rx and I cant drive very far due to my illnesses. Someone in corporate should go to this store and watch the way they treat people.... Read more

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  • Rite Aid
  • May 09
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Employees are really disrespectful an rude I email corporate office waiting for a response Add comment

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  • Rite Aid
  • May 04
  • #841626

Every time I go to your store on Fordham Road in Davidson Bronx I tried to get the senior discount today your flier says May 4 for senior discount they couldn't get it you need to stop doing for advertisement Add comment

Rite Aid - Review in Drug Stores and Drugs category from New Jersey, United States
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Last Monday I had nine teeth pulled and my upper jaw and was given a prescription for 20 Vicidon. The pharmacist would not fill it because she said it had Tylenol in it and that was no good for me to go back to the dentist and get a prescription for Vicodin with no Tylenol. I'm staying in there in pain and she is trying to save the planet. I give about $50,000 worth of business to the store. Guess who's not going to CVS Read more

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I had a very positive experience with Rite Aid service. It concerned a "use of a manufacturer's coupon" issue. I completed the survey from my receipt and advised Rite Aid of my dissatisfaction. The next day I received a response and was referred back to the store and given the names of 3 individuals that I could speak to in order to be taken care of. I was completely satisfied with the employee's response to my complaint. I was treated very... Read more

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I have used the Rite Aid pharmacy in Mukilteo Wa for over 16, the last 3 months have been the most degrading experiences. I take in my hand written prescription every month usually no problems except lately. It used to be that i would give them my script a week early so that they would have the proper amount on fill date,now they say oh we don't keep those prescriptions here anymore which is a lie as i havr checked at other rite aids. So i day... Read more

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attitude. perpetual bug up her ars., puss on her hard face. looks like a bouncer at a bar. tough broad. Acts the same each time in there. Frightening off putting. Can do register. she Was in isle today talking to chubby black woman with glasses when new cashier was at register alone. He needed help. Told her and other one that and was a line up front. No thanks when comes up front and she says she can't do anything to help him as not manager.... Read more

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Oregon Liquor Stores continue to receive complaints from irate RiteAid customers. The unhappy folks, ages 40-80, think that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has implemented strict ID requirements for RiteAid. This is NOT TRUE! This is a RiteAid corporate policy! I own 2 Oregon Liquor Stores, and have to say that our employees are asked about this daily. I have asked the Oregon Liquor Commission why a company policy can supersede Oregon... Read more

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