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The rite aid in Irvine Kentucky closed 9 minutes early when i called to ask the manager if she could help she started with an attitude saying there clocks run faster then cellphone i calmly replied with i went in and the girl said it was 1 minute till, so ok but all the gates are shut and there all gone so even by there time it was too early,on Saturday December 3 the day before they closed an hour earlier the there set time said when i looked... Read more

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This is par for the course with RiteAid. I called in to ensure they received an electronic submission from the urgent care clinic. After a 5 minute hold time she said they did and it would be ready in a hour. When my husband went to pick it up, they said they did not receive the RX. This isn't the first time which is why I called PRIOR to going. They denied getting a phone call. After much back and forth, the little counter girl admitted she... Read more

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I have MANY MEDICAL DX RT to pain i.e.; 5 bulging cervical discs,DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE, Stenosis I also have 4 bad discs lumbar spine two press on spinal cord--causing sciatica & left foot drop--I have herniated/bulging discs sacral coccyx spine on end of my spine I have a cyst of tarlov where several MANY Nerve endings gather entertwines era causing daily pain I have advanced fibromyalgia as well as bad Osteoarthritis esp of knees ( bone on... Read more

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Closes at 9pm..went in at 830pm..tried to buy money order..told me they already closed register that rings up money orders..cashier got manager for me..manager refused to ring up money covered in tattoos..can't help but feel that had i been an old lady with a cane, mgr would of done it..she was rude and didn't seem to care about customer satisfaction what so ever!! Lebonon church rd. Pittsburgh pa rite aid! Read more

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  • Nov 14
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I went to pick up medicine that was supposed to be ready 5 days ago. I call today and told me it was ready. I sit in drive thru to find out it wasn't ready this happens all the time . Cashier are rude .ever one is going swich to another drug store .i set in drivrthru one hour. Jellico tenn.

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My issue with this store is continuing obviously as I've complained in the past, yet they make "ME" the problem and you can see it each time I come inside the store, they football huddle, when all they have to do is be courteous and KNOWLEDGEABLE and have follow through. They advertise items Yellow Tags. Mark them "specially priced" but when you get to the register, you get the regular price, prompting a return trip. I've had this happen... Read more

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All pharmacy staff seem uneducated including the pharmacist. She makes mistakes & always blames others. There's confusion about medications I order every time. I explain I'm here for 3 scripts & I get 1! I explain I should have 2 more. I get 1 more. It never fails! The pharmacy techs should have a routine & should know where to look for all my scripts. They are just walking around in a daze haphazardly, seen throwing the one they found into a... Read more

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I want to bring it to rite aid human resources that the rite aid supervisor in fallbrook, is stealing from the rite aid store. I go in there on a regular basis almost every day around 3:00 pm and I've seen the supervisor look around and then he gets a Starbucks out of the cooler and he pulls a receipt out of his pocket and he acts very suspicious and he doesn't take it to the register he walks out the store and I've seen this a few times so I... Read more

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I have been a customer for over 20 years at the Murray location 5400 S and 900 E in Utah. New Pharmacy manager Heath is a slug. If he and his team moved any slower they would be dead. He and his inmature techs love to play God with people's lives, they think they all know better than the doctors and they will question you every time. They laugh and snicker, sing songs out loud, say things under their breath as if the customer is blind, deaf and... Read more

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  • Nov 10
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I actually had a great experience at the rite aid in Reedley with one of the pharmacy technician; Aeah. She was helpful. Sweet. And loved her smile. Thank you for going out of your way to get my insulin for me. I appreciate you.

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