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We can't enter your $500.weekly drawing. Like a lot of people I use an older computer with an old version of windows, windows 95. We don't have windows XP or 2000.

We current have a dozen different rite aid receipts with drawing numbers we would like to enter and are unable to access your web site. when I try to access www.tellriteaidstore.com I'm told my system is incompatible.

Will you please adjust your site so we may access it???? You could setup a site along side your single check rebates site, even a mailing address would be better than nothing.

Betty Kerr

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I'm surprised that you are still using a Windows 95 machine. I now use Windows 7 (new PC), but have used XP since 2003 prior.

I assume you still use dial-up, also. It is a good idea for Rite Aid to make their site compatible with any computer, whether it's Windows (including 95/98/2000/NT/ME), Mac, or Linux. Fact is. Microsoft hasn't supported 95 in years, and most Windows users use XP, Vista, or 7.

If you want to enter your Rite Aid Game Of Life codes, you may want to use a friend's or family member's computer (that runs XP or later), or use a computer at a library. Most websites today are incompatible, or run poorly, on older Windows OS's.

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