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RiteAid Pharmacy located 580 Bailey Rd, Bay Point, CA 94565. My son (who is 7) was issued an antibiotic, and spit up one pill because he's not used to taking whole pills.

His doctor prescribed additional pills to cover the 1 pill he spit up. RiteAid informed me they received the prescription 3 days prior to me initiating a call to them. I was told they didn't know why there was extra medicine provided, and that they would need to call my insurance for approval now. I asked them why are they just letting me know this when they had received the prescription 3 days ago.

The Pharmacy Tech I spoke with was very unaccommodating. I asked to speak to a manager regarding, and she told me that I could call the manager back tomorrow if I wanted. I asked why couldn't she take my info and have the manager contact me. Her reply was very condescending, and she said, "Because we are very busy, so it's best you call".

I then informed her that her customer service skills were lacking, and I would just contact headquarters. At that point she hung up on me.

This is not the first time this location has sat on a prescription until I initiated a call to them. It's one thing I wasn't contacted about this issue, but another thing for an employee to speak rudely to you regarding your issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Rite Aid Cons: Rude customer service, Don not care about customer retention, Don not follow good business practices.

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Okay, here's what happened: the doctor called in a refill. The pharmacy got it, saw that it had just been filled and put it on hold.

It's the INSURANCE company that wouldn't allow the early fill, because they have no way of knowing why you are filling early and think you should have enough. At this point, you can call the insurance yourself and tell them you need an override and explain why. It takes about 10 minutes. You can also have the pharmacy do this for you, but it will be taken care of when they have time to do so, which could be minutes or hours.

Pharmacies ARE very busy places. I agree that the tech who took your call could have been nicer, but they can't magically produce a manager if there isn't one on duty. And they can't drop everything to find one because they really are busy. There are other people waiting for medication, and other people calling in, and other prescriptions coming in that need to be filled, and often there is only one Pharmacist on duty to tend to everything.

Please be patient. I will do anything for a customer who is willing to meet me halfway, but the minute they start name calling, I hang up too.


NOPE! Don't agree with you. Her actions and customer service was still unacceptable.