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I am a former Rite Aid manager, and as so, I would like to make a recent shady move by the Rite Aid corporation known.

According to their new policy, any customer complaint stemming from rudeness is an instant fine of $2,500.from the STORE's bottom line.

Besides being a blatant attempt at tax evasion and hiding their true profit margin, it also gives them the excuse not to give a bonus to managers, and to cut payroll. Also this gives the unique opportunity for customers to hang a new threat over a manager's head. DO NOT call any number provided but 1-800-RITEAID, as this call will not be charged to the store. Managers are instructed to provide a local office number for them to deal with you locally; DO NOT DO THIS.

To truly solve a problem call the 800 number and report rudeness. Were they rude to you? Doesn't matter. If rudeness is mentioned as the cause of complaint, it is non-contestable by the store.

Managers know it, and if you let them know that you know that you have the power of causing them a short of 2,500, you will have the upper hand every time.

Corporate will not tolerate rudeness.Even if you lie, the manager has no way to combat your claims.

Review about: Rite Aid Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.


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Rite Aid Pharmacist (only ONE) stereotypes people on the type of medication they get.Not allowing them to get it 3 days early, ALWAYS RUDE, & recently causing me a trip to the ER due to a blizzard in which they were closed and didn’t inform people and I couldn’t get medication that I have seizures if I don’t have.

Which is why I get scared and want to get it a few days early. But she’s so rude and nasty.... she tells me she knows how many I have left. Ummm.

Ok, and??? I’d like to be sure in the event of any emergency that I can get them a few days in advanced seeing I do not have any transportation and have to depend on someone else to pick up for me sometimes or take me.

We went in the snow and got stuck costing ME $80 to Tow my friends vehicle out.

This woman shouldn’t be dealing with medication and make the call on who gets what.

My insurance and My doctor said I should always get it 5 days early so that I don’t go without and I don’t worry about something happening seeing many things have happened causing me to be in the ER bc she wants to play God.

I will be filing a rudeness complaint!Don’t really care who it affects when my life is more important then $2500


Store located in 2158 white plains road #00549..very poor customer service in the pharmacy area.

I am usually a gold member i love shopping at rite aid except for this location.Very disappointed !!

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1293928

I picked up my Loratabs recently, and I went home and I decided

to count them..the bottle was a lot smaller and it wasn't full either.So, I find out I was shorted 30 pain meds !!!


How did that happen ?? Don't they know how to count ! That

is ALOT of pills to mis-count. And they just happened to be my

pain medication.

Pharmacist said was an "accident"....ya right !

I called her first to report it, she said to come back and she would fill the 30 that was missing. I feel that she did not think I would count them... she knew I was pissed and she acted like I had no right to feel that way..wow..she acted like I was the problem and she took NO responsibility for it. I know she was trying to steal my meds.

She looked like she was coming down off something, I've never seen her act like that or look that way.

I have to count them before I leave the store now, any store.I feel I cant trust them anymore there, so I'm going to another.

to Anonymous #1293933

The Loratab incident happened in Lex, Ky. Not Louisville.


Pharmacy is very rude, put me on hold and i waited 4 mins and never came back. I call twice again but nobody pick the phone.

Howell, Michigan, United States #959896

This has nothing to do with the store part.But all to do with the two male pharmacist...

The male tech who knows he's a *** boy and the temporary fill in pharmacist,,whose filling in til the regular one gets back ..anyhow took in my script the same scripts,I take in every month for the last four years !!!today he rudely refused to fill the other part of script!

Trying to embarrass me by saying not filling that part.Ur doctor didn't put this or that being rude to everybody so I said I will have my Dr.call an work it out NO WAY he yells so everyone can hear long story short ...the foreign pharmacist is a *** he just made rite aid in howell lose five thousand dollars a month in prescriptions between me n family!!!!!haha *** plus *** kissing Keith.


I trying to make a complaint on a emplouyee at rite aid and you said i wasn't fast enough to fill out the information and I am telling you to show more show more respect to people who may me a little slow or get your act together or don't be surprized if your company gets shutt down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No longer true.They discontinued that program of fining the stores.

Probably because most of the complaints (like most of the ones on this site) were regarding employees simply following company policy.

to sorry buddy #839927

How would you know?

Lafayette, California, United States #589076

I never knew that but I did call the 1-800 # which a clerk I knew well there gave me with no issue. It was about the pharmacy as opposed to the store. I'm not sure if that's the same thing.

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