Latonia, Kentucky

I went to to cigs and a 12 pack of my dew.It came out that my check wouldn't t go through.

I told the lady I would get the cigs and instead of the 12 pack I would buy a 20 oz. so I walked over to get the 20 oz. I was led up to the counter bc it took my less than 30 seconds to get it. She could have told me to get in the back if the line after I went to get the 12 oz but she made a point to degrade me in front of everyone after I checked out.

She said next time get in the back of the line. I told her If I would have know I would have. I don t know what her problem was but she made a point to make an example out of me just bc I had been standing in like to purchase 3 things and them she jumped all over mee.

She works at polo club and is white she treats he customers awful and should get fired.Jacob Coleman 502/603/2826

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Rite aid doesn't seem to fire many employees.

Agincourt North, Ontario, Canada #772379

Notice how everyone called the OP a she when his name is Jacob. Male of female, I bet if a customer did the same thing that Jacob did he would be the first to complain about the customer cutting in line and make a scene, yet it is okay for him to do so.


She really should have asked if she could check out the next person as you went to retrieve your item since it seems like you didn't want others to wait either.It's a much better response than being told directly to get to the back of the line.

Unrelated, but it can be frustrating to have people leave for another item/wallet whether they forgot or not. It's usually because of the line as it put pressure on the cashier.

Either the next customer(s) will get impatient and complain, or the current customer will complain that we didn't wait for them.Nonetheless, still no excuse for her behavior towards you.

to Anonymous Fincastle, Virginia, United States #771340

Look, when you leave a line you have to get in the back of the line.As other stated this lesson should have been taught to the OP a long time ago.

If she is old enough to go shopping alone, she is old enough to know this. The cashier is just doing the job her mommy and kindergarten teacher should have done 20-30 years ago.

She wants the cashier fired for teaching her something her parents failed to teach her when she was six.She obviously has a huge ego and no manners.

to Anonymous Nekoma, North Dakota, United States #771342

I agree, but what about the OP's behavior.The cashier behaved wrong, but the OP refuses to admit she behaved bad as well.

Like other people said, all these things are taught to children at a very young age. This lady seems self centered and probably does not like being told she was wrong.

She is "too good" for that.She is too good to get back in line, because she is "special."

Nokesville, Virginia, United States #770656

How did she treat you awful. Like the other poster said, when you leave a line, you have to get in the back. You just did not like being told something your mommy should have told you a long time ago.

Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada #770650

When you leave a line you have to get in the back of it.This is something taught in kindergarten.

How was she supposed to know you were absent during the time when your class was taught this. When you cut in line you deserve to be degraded because most adults know this is wrong. Also I hope after your childish behavior she asked you for ID to prove you were old enough to buy the cigs.

If she did not ask for your ID she should get fired for that since you were obviously acting younger than the age to smoke.She should not get fired for teaching you something you should have learned years and years ago.


Cigs, Dew, Kentucky, bad check.

I see a pattern that you obviously never will. :grin

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #770767

I am from Canada, so I don't get your state by state steryotypes.However it seems like this person was simply told to get in the back of the line next time.

Nothing rude about that. Then to demand that the cashier be fired. Maybe this is a troll review.

I am sure she did not say it out loud for everyone to here.She simply did not like being told what to do.

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