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Cashier was in the process of ringing up my purchase. I explained to the cashier that the price that rung up was incorrect.

Instead of stopping and addressing the issue, the cashier stated, well the old price was such and now it's such and such. I explained to the cashier once again, that the price was ringing up wrong. He ignored me and continue to ring up my purchase as though I didn't have an issue. I then stated, okay so ya'll don't honor the price that's marked on the shelf.

He stated, yeah but sometimes things are in the wrong place. I stated yes and that's why I made sure that the product was in the correct place. The cashier looked as though he was shocked that I stated that that I looked and the merchandise was in the correct place. Cashier went to look and came back and stated, I didn't see it what did you say the price was again.

I stated tat I didn't want to cheat you so I will go look and bring you the sticker. I know that the merchandise was only a dollar and some change and not the two something that it was ringing up. When I went back the price had been removed. The cashier was no longer behind the counter.

There was someone else behind the counter and I stated, that's okay I didn't see the sticker that was there earlier. The cashier stated oh he went to look for the price. I explained to the cashier that he wasn't back there. The cashier stated he said he was going to look for it.

The cashier said well what do you want to do. I stated I will just forget the purchase, but can I have the 800 number. The number that she gave me was 828-274-1041. My friend that was with me asked the cashier if she knew the price of the chair that was on the top shelf.

The cashier stated stated no, but I know that they are expensive. Nobody asked her if she felt like the chairs were expensive.

I took that to mean that she didn't think that we could afford them and that was far from the truth. My overall experience at Rite Aid was bad and her comment didn't make any it better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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