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Rite Aid - Prescription Refill Review from Sacramento, California

Made 4 trips to Rite Aid in one day was the first person to drop the prescription off for the day period at 9 a.m. it is now 3:30 p.m. and still no results. The attendant at the window was rude unremorseful that I've made 4 trips. I told him I would wait at the drive-thru window until the medicine was ready cuz she said it would be 10 minutes and then she got smart and said if someone pulls up I will have to move. But the night before I went to pick up medicine and I sent in the Drive-Thru line for an hour because the three cars in front of me refused to move until they got their medicine. The Shafter Rite Aid really sucks
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Order processing issue

Rite Aid Customer Care Review

The staff here in fulton ave rite aid are really really rude,that makes you hate the place although they have pretty cool stuff there. They have a weird attitude with customers,I'm very unpleasant
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Poor customer service
Let Me Put It This Way, The Stupidity Behind Your Pharmacy Techs Are Just Astronomical, Whether I have Insurance Or Not Makes No Never Mind Whatsoever, It Seems Every Time I Need My Prescription "RE-FILLED", They Seem To Have Their "*** UP THEIR THUMPS", It's Been A...
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You do know you don't have to Capitalize Every Letter Of Every Word right?

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  • I was lied to
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All Of The Above
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You Wouldn't Want My Solution, Unless H.R. Is Willing To Hire Me On As An Associate With Your Company(Presently Unemployed) Looking For A Job And Just Trying To Get My Monthly Medical Prescriptions...!!! criptions
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Rite Aid's *** "charity" collection tactics

While trying to check out, using exact cash no less, the clerk could not complete my transaction and print me a receipt unless I pushed a "NO" button to decline to contribute to Rite Aid's charity. My purchase was for $1.18. One dollar and eighteen cents. WTF with a gigantic corporation demanding money for a charity I have not researched and know nothing about. Giving is voluntary, not because Rite Aid is holding me hostage at checkout. I despise this tactic.
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  • Rite aid corporate policy for charity collection
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Problems with payment
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Corporate needs to STOP this practice.

Server Review

At the Rite Aid in Hayward (Southland Mall) the lady that served the ice cream didnt wash her hands after putting her hands in the garbage can then proceeded to serve ice cream to the customers n was very rude throughtout the whole transaction !!!!!
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I have been going to this store for about 6-8 months now and everytime I pick-up my medication from the pharmacy, the person who helps me is rude. Every single time it seems like someone there is in the worst mood and doesn't seem like they want to be working...
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Maybe they are being rude to you because you are calling them girls instead of women. Honestly men who call grown women girls are pigs. You were just being treated the way you act.

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Rite Aid in Sacramento, California - Irresponsibly Rx Staff

I'm completely fed up with Rite Aid Rx in Sacramento, CA. There are countless times that I'm asked to return because their "out", at pick up find out that my meds given to ANOTHER customer, rx clerks/pharm giving excuses and the run around for issue that can be easily resolved, no accountability whatsoever. The recent fault (3/23/11 @ 11:19 & 11:40AM) was just an hour ago: meds picked up but was missing syringes and was ask to wait another 30 minutes. At second round of pick-up I was as to wait then told that they're out and claimed that they tried to contact me; COMPLETE LIES within that 30 wait time frame I did not receive any call from them and there's no record on my cell (since it DIDN"T RING). Was asked to return the next day. Tired of all these repeats and continuous excuses. Will be switching to another pharmacy.
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Polly - wow. I hope the person who makes the brake line in your car doesn't share your attitude


Well said, Polly. People need to show a little responsibility.

Call a few days ahead. Automatic refills. Call before you go in. You are not ordering food at a restaurant.

Imagine standing on your feet from 8 to 12 hrs with no breaks, constant interruptions while trying to complete tasks, and being" needed" the whole time. Being a little more cooperative and proactive, and less demanding will surely make a difference.


maybe you can be proactive and call it in over the phone a day ahead.....i know its a hard concept because everyone thinks they are the only person in the world that needs anything...but sometimes planning a day ahead (or two....just think of the possibility) eliminates all the agravación and enables you to make one trip. There are over 3000 prescription products and they dont know you are coming in.....they dont stock pharmacies with crystal balls.

The only way they can preplan for you is to have you on automatic fill.. why dont you do that? then they call you when its ready instead of you getting pissed all the time.

these people work hard for minimum wage and the pharmacists are overloaded with work...if others had to work under those lunch.....standing 8 to 10 hours straight...they wouldnt be able to do it physically and the mental strain is immense....4 phone lines ringing in...people standing around staring.....interrrupting constantly and trying to remain at 100% many other businesses can run like that?? And the result of any mistake can be catastrophic .....give the people a break and call ahead instead of being so self centered.

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