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Had the most horrible experience with the Rite Aid on Broad st in Newark, NJ. My daughter's pediatrician submitted antibiotics request online. My daughter has pneumonia! When I got there the order was never filled. They asked for her insurance card. She's 4 months old. She's under my policy, I'm in their system. Not only that, I was standing there with my daughter crying and coughing and they acted as if I wasn't even there! They didn't even have the saline solution for the nebulizer. ON TOP of all this, when I asked for the pharmacists name, he told the technician to tell me to read it from the wall. If anything happens to my daughter these people WILL be held in some way responsible.

Additional information: I had to call my doctor's office twice while I was there because they didn't want to call them. My doctor's office called them because one of the technicians couldn't read my doctor's handwriting for the Saline Solutions, which even I could clearly read. Seriously!!! There were four people back there looking like they were working, and I was the only person waiting. Why were they acting like I wasn't there, with my daughter crying her eyes out!?! She's only 4 months. She has pneumonia!!!! Then they tell me I have to wait for the antibiotics to get filled, after my doctor has ordered them two hours before?!

This Rite Aid is in a very low income community in Newark, NJ (although the Prudential center is not too far away). They think they can treat people badly because no one will complain. The first thing I was asked when I handed over the script for the Saline solution was "do you have insurance." Although I've been there before, this is where I pick up my drugs. I've had problems before, but this one takes the cake.

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How on earth do you think the pharmacy is supposed to know that a prescription is for YOUR child vs one of the other 50 people in the computer with the same last name? Pharmacy systems are not organized by family but by individual patient. Each person has their own profile and YOU are responsible for providing your insurance information for each person. Assuming a child belongs to a certain person and is on their insurance policy is just asking for a massive error and privacy policy violation.

You may have been the only person you could see waiting but I guarantee you they had work to do.

Saline solution is NOT normally carried because most doctors do not prescribe concentrated albuterol solution. It comes in pre-mixed vials for a reason.

Electronic prescriptions are notorious for not arriving on time or even at all. Doctors FREQUENTLY do not send them, send them to the wrong store, or send them with multiple errors. You could read the handwriting because you knew what they doctor was prescribing so your brain knew what to look for.

Also, babies cry all the time in pharmacies. There's no reason for people to rush over to help you just because your kid is crying.

And, it is normal for the patient to be asked to call the doctor's office when a new prescription has not been received. Pharmacies do you a favor by calling for refills, but new prescriptions are yours and the doctors responsibility.

In the future, call ahead before you go assuming something will be ready. Verify the script was received. And ask your doctor not to use electronic prescribing in the future. Obtain legible handwritten prescriptions and take them to the pharmacy yourself.

to j #862919

Amen! No body knows what goes on in a pharmacy until you work in one.

It is by far the hardest job I've ever had and people like you come in feeling entitled to be first in line and get whatever you want. FYI your not the only person in the joint who needs their meds and there is no reason to treat you different then anyone else.

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