one of the worst stores (i.e., the rite aid off bollinger in san jose, ca bordering cupertino) i ever visited with many rude employees, including bullying "Michelle"* who is always loud, abusive and would like to over charge you & not listen, some of the "supervisors" and managers are unprof. and show no courtesy. clerks are not at counters many times and some counters do not work wasting time; avoid visiting this location unless you want to get overcharged, abused and threated by lousy employee* who would not listen during her dictatorial demeanor at the counter!

avoid going there in my opinion.

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RA has no problems filling front end positions, and so treats employees appropriately. Starting pay while average is perpetual - infrequent, insignificant raises.

Medical benefits are almost non-existent in non-union stores.

RA is a great place to find employment, but a lousy place to work. Employees are expendable, easily replaced, so why waste company resources on them?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #370287

This is a warning to any one out there that has children who is looking for a job and considering going to Rite Aid for a job. They are the worst store to work too, very sorry I sent my child there to work.

They have no regard for there employees and condone it when managers talk to there sales clerks like they are nothing. I dont know how many times my child came home sick from work because they are not allowed to take breaks to go to the bathroom or to be able to eat.

They were told by manager not to leave the front.. I agee some clerks are nasty but most times its the managers that have made them that way

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