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Rite Aid on Hurffville - CrossKeys Road, Sewell, NJ: I picked up a prescription on March 3, 2012, and the Doctor's name and contact information were incorrect on the label.I googled the phone number and found that it was from a doctor's office in Maryland, but the doctor was not with that practice.

This is not the first time this has happened. In addition, when I picked up the same prescription, they had my husband's address in North Wales, Pennsylvania. We live in Sewell, NJ. Who is recording this information?

This is a disgrace!

If there had been a problem with the medicine, Rite Aid would not have been able to reach the prescriber for us.I will avoid Rite Aid in the future, as this is a recurring problem and it is scary!

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In Altoona, PA they did the same thing to me I have 2 doctors and on one of my medication bottles they had the wrong doctor's name.I called and was told when I got my next prescription to tell the pharmacist Well this was like a nightmare it was an old man he threw his hands in the air and wouldn't even listen to me until my fiance heard and seen it and said you don't have time to wait on a customer then he came back over and made me feel like I was speaking in another language he said what do u want me to do about it?

I said fix it.

What an a-hole !!!!!:cry

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