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Beware. Both Susan Boyts and Douglas Sperry have extensive criminal records.

Both work at Rite Aid in Ridgecrest and have access to your banking and medical information. Stay clear.

User's recommendation: Stay clear.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Manager.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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This person, Susan Tunget Rite Aid Employee Ridgecrest California is all over the internet in Rite Aid Reviews. Since I have lots of free time, because of this virus I decided to look this employee up.

This is one thing I found. I will be shopping at Walgreens from now on.

Defendant Information: Name: TUNGET, SUSAN Birth Year: 1961 Case Information: Court Case #: BF163833A Filing Date: 04/13/16 Related Case #: NONE Arrest Date: 05/24/16 Bail Amount: NO BAIL Bail Status: EXONERATED Bail Type: SURETY BOND Charges/Dispositions Count Type Code Section Charge Description Charge Disposition Disposition Date 001 F PC 118 PERJURY DISM - FURTH. OF JUSTICE 07/21/16 002 M WI 10980(C)(2) OBTAIN AID BY FRAUD OVER $400 PLED NOLO CONTENDERE 07/21/16 Sentence Information JAIL/PRISON 1 DAYS, TOTAL CREDIT 0001 TIME SERVED 1 DAYS CONFINEMENT LOCATION JAIL SUMMARY PROBATION GRANTED FOR 3 YRS, CHARGE FINE AMOUNT WI 10980(C)(2) 570.00 FINE TOTALS 570.00 ACTION ON B

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