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I visited my local Rite Aid at 2605 Raeford Rd.Fayetteville N.C.

and there were 4 huge bins sitting on the middle of the floor right where the registers are full of cosmetic items. Many of the item were priced from .25 cents to $3.00. I found 5 items that I wanted to purchase just to get to the register and the cashier tells me that she can't sell them at that price because they are marked down too low. I asked her when did this conclusion come about because I had just been in that same Rite Aid the night before and had purchased 4 items with no problem for the prices that were marked on them, and that if the prices were wrong why would all the items still have the same prices they had the night before.

I asked her to speak to the store manager and she said that her manager is the store manager which I later found out to be untrue. Since the supposedly store manager was not there she called the manager from the pharmacy who stated to her to sell the items for which they were marked and that she would over-ride them if need be because the items were priced and there should not be a problem selling them as priced. The cashier for some reason didn't like her response and she said "no I will not sell them at the prices listed on them." By this time the line was getting very long and a couple of women behind me stated to her that there should not be a problem because the items are marked and if they are not marked correctly that's their problem and not the customers problem. To make a long story shorter, I was able to go back in and purchase the items later at the price they were marked just to discover that the items were years old, some were manufactured from as far back as 2007.

General shelf life on cosmetics is 36 months. (3 years) they were selling cosmetics that are 8 years old but expired 5 years ago. One of the items made my face burn and that's what made me look into the freshness of the products because I haven't come across any makeup that have made me burn or break out. I called the toll free Rite Aid number with this complaint and haven't heard anything from them to this day of 10/02/2015.

Of course I took back everything except the one item that made my face burn. Only kept it in case I needed it for further action. When I complained to the store about them selling old items they never took them out of the store. To this day they still have those old expired items for sell.

They took the bins from the front of the store and put the items in baskets on the shelves at the rear of the store.

It is unlawful to sell old and expired cosmetics even at prices that are too good to be true.When in doubt about when cosmetics were manufactured use the website checkcosmetics.net - just a little help for cosmetic wearers.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Rite Aid and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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If the items were in bins, store personnel were in the process of removing the product from the shelves to send back. You had no business rifling through the bins as those items were not for sale. Next time go to a flea market if you are looking for a cheap deal!

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