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07/02/18 11:54 AM Cashier #52647164 Store Canyon RD Puyallup, WA

I'm not by any means under 18 years old I am a senior who went into rite aid to purchase a few things one was a lighter. The cashier was rude and in my opinion gave me a very hard time she told me she had to see my ID and then she said take it out of your wallet .

this was only a lighter I wasn't buying cigarettes a lighter and some band aids. All I can say is Rite aid just gave Walgreens a new customer I will never go back there, I have looked up the laws in WA and don't see any on lighters and seniors!

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Please don't take it out on the cashier who is only doing what management is forcing them to do every customer is required to show Identification for every tobacco or related purchase. It is programmed in the register and they are threatened with termination if they don't do it.

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