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I just can’t believe the ignorance of a supposed to be professional.I will be praying for you… It infuriates that people just judge others instead of trying to understand.

I went to Rite aid and i ask for rejection pill and the Pharmacist said no. So on that note i pulled 26 Prescriptions out of Rite aid and moved them to CVS where they want out of there way to get me my medication. Rite Aid you need to help some people out with some of the small request.

I have over the year spend a total of or if not more then twenty thousand dollars with my insurance.So you should always check with other drug stores for the cheapest price as i did.

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Why did you need an extra pill?Oh I get it, you neglected to inform the doctor that you needed refills before you ran out even though the medication vail says you had no more refills, you probably didn't want to go see your doctor for a new prescription and expected the already super busy pharmacist to get in touch with your doctor and he/she was unable to reach the doctor since it was the weekend so you decide to chastise and blame the pharmacist for not giving you an extra pill.

Since you know that you may "die" if you don't have your anti-rejection meds then maybe you should be more responsible rather than blaming others.I'm sure the pharmacist was happy to see you go.

Cranberry, Pennsylvania, United States #792812

It is amazing to me how much drama people create without the tiniest amount of provocation.I guess you could blame me of the same, as I'm commenting here like the rest.

However, if you care - which I'm sure you don't - I was directed here while searching for some Wellness+ information and just started reading. As a disclaimer, I'll admit there are a few situations that could call for legitimate complaints and justified anger. These may include legitimate sexual harassment, discrimination due to age, race, weight, etc and the extremely rare moments where an employee might just 'lose it' and take their frustration out on the customer. Those justifiable situations seem to account for the minority of posts on this website.

To be honest, it was hard for me to find a post that wasn't centered around reasonable company policies and/or honest mistakes that could happen to anyone.

People expect businesses to take into consideration their personal issues and disregard their laziness or lack of preparation. Take the situation depicted in this particular post. Had the consumer done everything expected of them, there is no way they should need to ask for a policy to be broken and an unprescribed pill to be dispensed.

If it is truly "life threatening," than it is both irresponsible and downright moronic to put yourself in a situation where you do not have enough to live on. Complaining about it and claiming you'll pray for the company or pharmacist is...

Grow up.Praying will not make up for ignorance and stupidity.

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Who judged you?


Learn how to spell


It is so you do not reject transplanted organs.With out this pill the person can die.


Your message is cryptic.I believe your referring to 'Anti-Rejection' medication, and the pharmacist said he was not able to fill it?

Most likely, he could, but not within the time that you needed them.

You were completely within your right to move the medications to another pharmacy. Are you saying that all 26 were cheaper at CVS?

If you can afford it, there are pharmacies that have a 3-month prescription plan, that are a little bit cheaper.

In my case, I just can't afford 1 prescription. It's difficult, but I have learned to live without it.


In the past I've run into a situation were the pharmacy did not have the 'new' medication I was prescribed in stock in the quantity I was prescribed.

Once, the offered me a temporary small amount that would last 2-3 days until their supply came in. i was told, that they would be sure to order there inventory to account for my prescription. They handled that very nicely. Another time they just didn't have it in stock and I needed to go to another pharmacist.

Inconvenient, yes!But nothing I fumed over.


What is a rejection pill? If you speak the way you wrote you complaint, maybe they thought you were drunk when you asked for the pill.

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