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I have been a customer for many years and have been going to the Mill Plain store and I have no complaints with some of the cashiers that are very sweet and very helpful. I am not impressed with the store manager and her behavior and her presentation to the store and not only that I find her very unprofessional.

I have been there several times and have heard the way she talks to her employees and has bad mouth several of her employees to one of her other supervisors I have overheard their conversation about going to the margarita Factory and I have seen both of them there. I have also seen the store manget purchase her alcoholic booze before she leaves work. I am not impressed when walking into a store and you can feel the attention between her employees. I havr heard her yelling across the store at her employees!

I highly recommend someone to investigate the store manger and how she treats her employees and bad-mouthing and to other supervisors and other sociats.

She is extremely rude to customers and comes across and very short. I shouldn't have to walk into a store and fill uncomfortable and sorry for her employee.

Review about: Rite Aid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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I can relate with you, but unfortunately most people here can't. They'd rather accuse YOU of doing something wrong.

I've gotten nothing but comments from "anonymous" implying it must be my fault that a cashier at a nearby Rite Aid acted the way she did to me.

Count me in as one person who DOES understand.

PS - ignore the anonymous ones.


"feel the attention" LOL

feel the 'TENSION' .....one of my fav linguistic blunders


Great cashiers, great pharmacy staff and we love melissa the supervisor.

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