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Rite Aid in Coopersville, Michigan - *** poor excuse of a Company

Rite Aid is a slave labor company. This company does not care for the associates who work in the store. Store managers do not work all they do is complaint and try to set other associates up to be fired. Rite Aid is open every holiday and can care less if an associate misses the holiday with their family let alone request to work the morning. Their are certain store managers who write their schedule acrrording to their home life instead of running a store the proper way. Rite Aid does not give breaks to their Assistant / Shift supervisor managers yet these employees are expected to go above and beyond. Rite Aid allows their store managers to harass, set up, and mistreat all works. Rite Aid picks and chooses what store manager/ manager can work what suits them best. Rite Aid has good associates yet they’re mistreated and everyone suffers. Rite Aid is not a company to work for. If you want to work for a company that will not even compete in wages, demands miracles at the cost of your health and neglecting your family and sick loved ones this is the place for you.
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Rite Aid Manager

Rite Aid in Detroit, Michigan - Managers and part time pharmacy boss

I took in a script 3 weeks ago, to have it filled. the person was part time and this was on a Thursday. He said that they were out of the duri-gesic patches that I need/ I was told they would be ordered on Friday and they would be in on Tuesday. They were not in and I was called the following Wednesday night and was told the ware house was outof them and I would have to go to different stores to see if they had them. in mean time i talked to linda I thing is manager, She could care less if I got my medicine or not.She ran and hide in her office, and would not talk to me.I got the patches today after I went to Dearborn to pick them up
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Dont worry about what the manager is and is not responsible for you dont know what they go through walk a day in thier shoes and then say that...i doubt u still will


Since when is the front end manager responsible for the pharmacy? The pharmacy has a Pharmacy manager.

This is due to federal regulations regarding prescription medication. You have a problem with the pharmacy, talk to the pharmacy manager. You have a problem with toilet paper not being in stock, talk to the Store Front end manager. They are two seperate businesses, with two seperate license.

Of course the manager doesn't have any say in whether you get your prescriptions. She does not have a pharmacy license.


wait so you are complaining that that were nice enough to call you. So you would rather drive down there to find out this info.

And sory but if they don't have it they don't have it. what is the manager suposed to do?

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Rite Aid Manager

Rite Aid Drug Stores

I used to work at the Rite AID in Saginaw MI. I was fired because the manager thought I was talking to the police about her sleeping with another employee"s 14 year old son. Thats rape here in Michigan. I was turned into Loss Prevention as a thief,but it was the manager and her friends who were doing the stealing and blaming other innocent employee"s. As with our District Manager (Frank M.)and Loss Prevention(Brad S.) they took the managers (Becky) side, and I was fired for cash shortages on my till. Becky and her friend Connie (the mother of the 14yr old boy) did all my checkouts and I didnt know anything was wrong untill they confronted me and fired me. You bet Im pissed, I will call the police and local news agencies to get the word out to as many people as I can ! Dont take your sons into a Saginaw Mi. Rite Aid
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the above story is most likely being a x manager for the co...this is just the tip of the iceberg...i personally have had contact with more then one employee...i have seen them take money from tills to set a person up....the advancement is a joke..if your not liked you have a problem...i worked in the sf bay area...and had a district manager call and cuss me out on my answering machine...they keep there stores so low in labor impossibe to provide any real customer service.....i could go on...


this could not have happened

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Rite Aid Manager

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