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Rite aid advertises stuff they already sold

well went to rite aid last year still buggs me, well the ad said so much off of summer stuff, well i get in there and ask where it is cant find it, the guy says well that stuff already sold before the ad came out , i was confused, i was like huh? he said well they put that in the ad incase theres anything left, i said well why dont they check before they put it in the ad, he said well that would be too hard for them , well dont worry about me driving 10 miles for nothing, its better to inconveience me then themselves , well needless to say i havent been there since i dont need rite aid that bad
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Hey, *** "Rite Aid Loyalist/ Drunken Irish ***"... if you two losers spent half as much energy trolling PC as you do making something of your lives, just think: you might actually be able to live on your own (as opposed to camping out in your Mom's basement) and *gasp*-- might even know for the first time what it's like to ***! :eek

@I Hate *** Trolls

Everything they said was correct and made perfect sense. Your response was 'trolling', and if I had to pick which of the three of you is likely to live in their parent's basement my choice would be you, hands down.

You act like a child, whereas they did not.

That being said, RA Loyalist and Irish are completely right. Stores get seasonal merchandise in one or two big shipments in the month leading up to the date when the seasonal merchandise is actually set on the salesfloor. After that it is not replenished.

It cannot be reordered.

The ads are printed for all stores in that region, weeks ahead of time. Expecting the flyer at your local store to completely accurately portray the product on hand is beyond ridiculous.


Why did you not get your parents to take you to Rite aid earlier? You are most likely 8 years old judging from your poor spelling and reasoning skills.(I remember the word "bug" being on my second grade spelling list and you misspelled it.) Rite Aid runs their ads for every store in the state country, so it all depends on which store you go to. The one your parents took you too, the summer items were sold out. From your letter it appears that you actually are old enough to drive. How did you even pass your driving test when you cannot spell simple second grade words nor reason like an adult? I don't think they need your service, with your lack of education you probably don't spend much money there anyway because you most likely don't have a well paying job. Ever heard of puncuntation?

Right Aid Royalist

This person has the reasoning skills of an eight year old, what do you expect? Not only that she acts like one as well, throws a temper tantrum when the items she wanted were not in stock.


Its very easy to tell when someone just has not worked retail or fast food, or any job of that sort in their lives. You just look through your tiny little peep hole in life and expect the perfect scenario being a customer.

Rite Aid is a nation wide store broke down into regions. A thousand stores could be in your region. They print the Ad having to assume that the product is still in stock. Now because the one store you went to doesn't have the one product you want Rite Aid (or any store for that matter) is supposed to shred the thousands and thousands of Ads and reprint all of them stating that in the store that you stopped at is out of summer "stuff".


Besides that it was seasonal merchandise, you didn't think to call and ask if SEASONAL (which means that summer 'stuff' only comes in at the beginning of summer) merchandise was in stock. Stop thinking like a customer, and start thinking like a logical human being.

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