I called the store to see why my brothers medication wasnt deliverd,again they said no one answered the door...i told her his aide was waiting on the meds.the aide had called me around 1pm to tell she still didnt receive it....the rude girl on the phone said she doesnt know what happened because she doesnt ride withthem in the car...oh!!!that infuriated me because that much i know,i told her that she didnt have say that to me because i knew that already that she was being unprofessional..she said she wasnt i told her she was then she hung up me!!!this pharmacy has many rude people they even look like they dont have the energy to be working or dont want to work.on a couple occasions i had an issue for their rudeness right off the back,no customer service its like take it or leave it.. cant call to close to 5:15pm cause it seems like they pick up the phone & hang up on purpose because its almost time to leave,its also happened to be 2-3times...so i wont bother again i’ll take my brothers business elsewhere...(the one on penn st between 5th& 6th st,reading pa..)Shocked

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