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I’m a very Anger customer, this guy at the rite aid (store #07808) located 4188 Broadway New York, N.Y. 10033, his employer number is 78080580 and he disrespected me putting his hands in my face all because I told him “your not listening to me” I had told him to clear the other discount because I had put the wrong number and he said that he wasn’t able to change discount in which I knew he can but didn’t want to and I only tried to make it easier for him but instead he killed more time but voiding out the whole sale to re-ring me again and I said “you don’t see what’s the difference between” and then he got so nasty, every time I go to buy something with him he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he doesn’t listen to what I say, he’s resist and tells me I know what I’m doing with attitude also says I’m doing my job to get you out the store very rude with his hands in my face, and so I told him to take his hands off my face because your being nasty and very rude ! He should get fired for very poor customer service at rite aid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Customer Care.

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I remember this happening to me so I *** and left the store.