This is the complaint regarding following Rite Aid store:

334 S Vermont Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90020


Never ever I had my prescription drug on time in the past 2 years.

Recent One: My doctor called for the change of drug for my wife to the above mentioned pharmacy and when I went to Pharmacy to pick up my medicine they told me that they have not received any message from the doctor's office.

I went back to the doctor's office and they confirmed that they have sent the message to the correct Rite Aid pharmacy.

Again went to the pharmacy but to my surprise they again told me that they have not received the message.

Doctor's office called for the third time. This time before going to the pharmacy I thought to confirm with Rite Aid first but they did not pick up the call.

I tried again and this time they picked and dropped the call.

I called again and I was told that they will answer me shortly and phone was put on hold and they never answered.

Earlier for my own drug, I had came out of emergency and went to the above mentioned Rite Aid for my medicine. when I was told that it will take more than 2 hours for the medicine to be ready I insisted to ready it a bit fast. Then they told me that they are not able to verify my insurance. So I have to purchase the medicine on full price. I was told that once they will verify the insurance they will call me and they will refund the money. They never called me. I went back to Rite Aid after few weeks and was told that their company policy does not allow to refund after so many days.

This is frustrating to the degree of infinity.

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