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Rite Aid in Buffalo, New York - Complaint

i was told my medication was expired and then told that my my medication was sent to my house and i didn't receive it i was not at my home the whole week and no one lives there in my home so that mean that i couldn't of receive my medication at the time and ..second complaint now they gave someone my other medications at the drive thru i'm at this point now to call news 4 if this problem isn't resolve i'm so serious i cant afford to paid for my medications and i need my medications the driver must of kept them i'm very pissed off and if let this go someone else mite get the same treatment and someone at your pharmacy is stealing who is an employee not so either someone resolve this issue or ill be calling news 4 to get to the bottom of this
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  • Pharmacist
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my oreded was not sent to me and you gave a total stranger my medications
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Deliver product or service ordered

Rite Aid in Buffalo, New York - I clarence jones was given the wrong medication

i Clarence jones 716-895-2503 want to rite aid to get my 1070 genesee buffalo,n.y14211.however,after being ask my name date of birth 4 time I was given the wrong mediction. if it wasn't for my wife I would have taken it. who knows it my have killed me. I am thinking of legal action hopefully you will handle this situation.clarence jones 25 goemble ave.buffalo,n.y.14211 time it happen around 4;00p.m. the medication was for a lady d.o.b. 8/5/50 . she my have problems with this herself. I can't beleave that you allow worker to oversee,a life or death misstake
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I hope you get all kinds of unsolicited mail, crank phone calls, etc. for publishing all of your private information on a public web site.

This isn't the Rite Aid site, it is a general complaint site.

Now, where did you learn how to capitalize, punctuate, and use grammar. All of the above are horrendous, the way you used them.

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Rite Aid in Buffalo, New York - Stiffed out of Wellness Card Points for years purchases

Tried to Loginto The Rite Aid Wellness Card Web Site, Finally contacted their tech, support only to be informed that was not a registered customer. I have a Log in user ID and Password that worked in the Past. Basically they scammed me out of about a years + of purchase credits to the Card. Conveniantly to their benefit all the datas seeemed to be LOST ! I Consider this just another scam to get business by a Large Corporation. I simply ceased doing business with them Their LOSS a number of other honest companies would love my money.
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find out how much points on my cards ty


Umm.... you didn't lose anything....

same thing happened to me and I just registered again.... everything was there!

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  • Confidence trick
I would just like to know what Rite Aid is thinking when they change the truck day to a Saturday. Are you crazy? Employees have enough to do on a Saturday with taking down all the sale tags from that week's sale and then must put up all the tags for the new sale...
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It is my opinion, also an employee, that Rite Aid plain doesn't give a *** about their employees. I have been doing a lot of reading on several different sights, and, the complaints are all too similar.

I am completely and totally sympathetic to your situation as I too have had nothing but a bad taste in my mouth from the beginning. The experience I have had with Rite Aid has been one of complete disappointment and the most unprofessional company I have ever worked for.

I am running for the door myself. They just don't care.

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when i walked into the store a man standing by the door asked me to remove my hood off my head. i said no and asked for what and kept walking. the man watched me for the entire i was in the store. i felt very disrespected and i spoke to the manager and he wasnt any...
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boo hoo.if you want to look like a hood be prepared to be treated like are probably one of the main reasons predjudice is still alive and thriving.take the hood off,what is the big deal.***

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Rite Aid in Buffalo, New York - Riteaid ppl r ***

the lady at riteaid knew ahead she was bout to ripeme off ik it cuz she was laugh smileing when i bout the picture. she let me waste my last 20 dollars on picture that wereall fuckd up. just an *** thing to do. i would of told the person not to waste they money ahead of time. then i try and take them back to get my money back and the lady calls for the manager. another ( obviously was the manager) says i have to come back monday and wait for the mangaer. i came back again an again they just kept saying wait for the mangaer. kept lieing to my face like mangaer was never there. TOLAL RIP OFF.
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WTF? If you want to complain learn some proper grammar first.

We don't speak stup1d.

Mor0ns like you shouldn't be allowed to breed. The world is full of enough mor0ns as is.

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