I am on a state funded pharmacy program. rite aid in cookeville tn told my the prices are valid.

I was supposed to pay a copayment of $3 for each med. I paid (cash) for my meds $198 for one and 129 for the other for 3 months in a row. they found the mistake on their computer but said that corporate would handle it a regional manager called and said that in order for them to pay me back that they would have to wait for the insurance company to them. They make 17 billion dollars a yyear and they can't pay me back?

this in unconscionable.I called the insurance co today and they told me that rite aid had'nt even submitted aclaim yet this 3 wks ago very sorry cust service. I actually had to get off of one other med because I couldn't afford the (erroneuos) $243 that rite aid was overcharging me .this is pretty sorry.

"with us it's personal" thats their new mantra. yeah, right I will conact the states atny gen office neaxt

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Manager.

Location: Hilham, Tennessee

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This is an issue to take up with your insurance company and not Rite Aid. I would be more mad at the insurance for trying to pass the buck.

I don't agree with how Rite Aid handled it but your going after the wrong people. Also if you feel Rite Aid is over charging you then why not go to a different pharmacy instead of not taking your meds?


That is something that you need to take up with your insurance company and not Rite Aid. If your insurance hasn't paid the pharmacy they need to get it from you, then the insurance can reimburse you for your charges.

They have to charge someone for the medication and can't give it away.

Most of the time it's a very easy call to your insurance company and they will get everything taken care of and you'll get a check from them because they should have paid in the first place.

Good luck. Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be a hassle.

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