its terrible I have been going to rite aid for 6 yrs and my dr had me for yrs on a 15 mg pill 3 times a day and then out of paranoia my dr forces me to take a 10 mg pill three times a day which I have side effects plus my pains increased from 4 surgeries so I found a new dr who put me back on the 15 mg three times a day and the oriental l phamarcist calls my dr and threatens if you dont send a new script for 10 mg we won't fill it then treats me like a criminal and literally forces me to take the 10 mg or go with out so no more spending any money at rite aid and next month they lost me they need to be ran in the ground like terrible sears and some of them worthless companies who can't seem treat their customers with respect ..All over lousy 15 mg extra day to make myth life better its just terrible then she drills me asking well you dont have history taking 15 mg medication and im like for 4 yrs at yr sister store 15 miles away I took the 15 mg meds for yrs and she just threatened me with oh well I could take yr tens to if you have side effects , so I just lived with it

User's recommendation: I thought rite aid was good for yrs but as usual big shots feel p[rofits are more important then good customers who make them profits dont use em.

Preferred solution: I am legitimate pain patient and shouldn't be treated like a criminal at 910 diablo store and have used this store and the sonoma and San Rafael store you people should have the records I used the 15 mg medications and its not at all illegal in california.

Location: 910 Diablo Ave, Novato, CA 94947

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