Store managers are NOT managers at all!They work harder than the associates, pharmacists, dm's, lpm's, lpa's (no accountability), wellness ambassadors (no accountability), and the list goes on.

There is no communication between field leadership and in most cases they don't like each other. HR says (A), DM says (B), LPM says (C), PDM says nothing. The only time they are on the same page is when there is a visit to the area! If someone from corporate office is scheduled to visit all of field management wants to act like their on the job and managers are just not doing their jobs.

As the manager you have a huge work load. The work load is being increased by the week but store payroll and managers salary rarely increases. Cost of living goes up 5 to 6% per year but they give you a 2% raise like you should jump for joy. And don't get me started on the bonuses!

Rite Aid will always find a way to ensure you don't earn a bonus! Annual bonuses ensures that most managers who work hard won't earn them. I think corporate wants proper feedback from managers, but store managers will keep their mouths shut because either they are afraid to loose their jobs (blacklisted) or based off history nothing in will change. In this area we have a lack of minorities in field leadership, we have a good old boy system.

No advancement unless you come from Pathmark! Some of field leadership will tell you that you are not ready to advance but never tell or show you how you can get ready for the next level. Most managers hate coming to work because it's impossible to achieve the goals that are in place. I really wish Rite Aid showed their managers how much they care instead of dangling the paper carrot.

Store manager are burned out and would quit as soon as they find another job even if they need to take a pay reduction. Quality of life for a Rite Aid manager in this area is horrible. Yes, you are scheduled 7a to 5p but we have visitors coming and your store needs to be 100% visit ready. Then you have 2 call-outs one of which is a manager.

And by the way truck is coming today, you have a shoplifter to apprehend, and core mark just delivered, seasonal change over is due, oh get the time cards signed, then you need to hire some new people, wait get all the first contact flu calls done, don't go over payroll to inventory prep, you know what don't even use all of the payroll corporate gave to you, then paint the building to get graffiti off, no stop and ring the registers, then tell the apa to get off his cell phone, then tell the "wa" to stop being a tech and assist on sales floor, then change over the monthly pp, then put up all these signs that have duplicates for some items (on sale monthly, and weekly), don't forget your shrink by number, did you complete the alarm test, what about your csa's, then shot zero's, and then hard order, but why do you have so much overstock, make the schedule, do the ad order, get cbt's done, complete plano-grams, dust the store, and don't forget to smile because with us it's personal! Store managers are not managers at all. they spend most of their time attempting to complete a long list of tasks that never seem to stop accumulating thus customer service fails, associate growth fails, overall manager and associate moral down (results of aes is misleading). Not one employee below field management believes that survey is anonymous.

All things being considered most managers are holding their stores together by smoke and mirrors in this area. They are so over worked it pains them to think of anything else but how can I get out of here because we are being asked to do so much with so little. I'd like to think things can and will improve but my fear is that I won't be around to see it.

By the time you finish reading this you might get the perception that I'm a mad individual but I'm not, more hurt than anything.So tomorrow, I shall return to work and again try to pull a rabbit out of this hat.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #1305421

Could not be more true, the team above managers are two faced and sit at home and drive company cars, at the managers expense. The DMs need to go.

Massachusetts, United States #873135

Feel your pain.

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