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I have a complaint, actually two. I habe been a customer for many years. I have had multiple surgeries, requiring pain mgt. My primary accidently escripted my med to my mail order Costco. After days of trying to communicate with drs office they verified that zmd sent script by mistake to Costco. He escripted med to Rite Aide. Instead of a phone call or clarification. Cheryl Roucher Pharm at Mantua, NJ store. Called the Dr. Told them i already got my medication. This was not true because thats the day mailorder recd and processed. It takes a good two weeks for delivery. After MULTIPLE phone calls for several days..

Cheryl stated, she never heard of Costco? This pharm has been around for many years. So, im suffering in pain for a good 12 days. Finally, Cheryl calls me.. tells me she has a script.. and informs me that it is over $200. Very condescending on the phone.

I am an RN Hospice Nurse. Everytime i call in prescriptions for my PATIENTS she has an attitude or gives me a hard time. I called in a RX for a PATIENT around two weeks ago, for cough syrup with CODEINE. I gave her teh dea number, MD and all information.

Last Friday evening, i called in Temazepam for same PATIENT. I didnt keep Medical Directors DEA number.

She asked me for the DEA number. Same PATIENT, same i told her you have it on file, your probably looking at it right now. She said, yes, but i need to hear it from you?

So, Friday night, im calling everyone for DEA. Finally called my Medical Director. He coudnt believe that i am having this much DIFFICULTY. PATIENTS son standing there for a half hour, she told him since youve been here all this time ill give it to you. Just then, per son i called with DEA. I understand the law, ive worked in zhosouce for 20 years. I have never had a problem with pharmacies. This has not only affected my care, but, that of my PATIENTS.

This is unreasonable, this power play that this pharmacist has.. my family members are pulling out of rite aide. My PATIENTS famils will not use Rite Aide. I will share my experiences with whomever i can, i am all about Customer Service, Symptom MANAGEMENT. Im here to provide quality service with care and compassion. Where is Cheryl Rousher? Rt 45 Mantua, NJ

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Pharmacist.

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