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Walking to Rite Aid I have a service dog with me as soon as I walked into the store a clerk says to me you cannot come in with the dog I held up my hand to stay to the clerk this is a service dog but before I could say anything he says to me I know you just did not lift up your hand I guess he was thinking I was going to roll my head and say something different I continue to shop and as I came back to pay for my purchase i told the clerk correct way to address to me as I'm coming into the store with the dog is ma'am is this a service dog and at that time I would have told him that it was then he got really rude with me like he wanted to fight me and argued with me and then just walked away but before he walked away I said who's the manager he said I am I said you got to be kidding I feel like I was racially profiled i called the corporate office and they offered me $100 for this incident but the day before that again I went in with my dog and as I got into the store I hear something over the loudspeaker like I can't even tell you what it was but the next thing I know I look up and I see this man staring at me and then as I went to purchase or as I went to find something different I asked the clerk that was staring at me if he could help me find some detergent that I had found the day before he said he couldn't help me and went back up to the counter as I went to purchase my items I had purchase a bottle of liquor I also had an EBT card and cash on me and I asked him if I could get $30 off of my card because I needed to purchase a money he said I could and he wrong up my items and then something went wrong he just said to me you know what you did and I'm looking at him like what are you talking about then he States you know you did you can't buy alcohol with an EBT card and I felt bad at that point cuz he said he was going to lose his job I said we'll go to the manager and let her know that it was my fault I really didn't want this man to lose his job over a transaction, and this happen back to back I now try to avoid going to this store. I read stories of cops being called for bogus things just because of a person's color.

Unbelievable but true. My roommate is white and tells me don't let this go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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