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Rite Aid in Old Town, Maine - Plenti Program

Can't sign in to account due to multiple accounts so tells me to call Plenti at 1800#. Called at 8:00 AM. and after going through prompts for 15 minutes only told told to call back during regular business hours!! One would think that would be the first message heard!! NOW AFTER SUBMITTING COMPLAINT BEING TOLD TO ENTER AT LEAST 100 WORDS. Trust me you do not want me to fill in 100 words! CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS CVS! Thank you
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Rite Aid Account
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Plenti Programming

Rite Aid Drugstore Pharmacy Scam

I took a $25 coupon in to transfer a prescription. I asked for a gift card but she told me that they no longer gave one. She said that it would be on my account and to use it before January 3rd. So January 2nd, I went in to buy something and was told that it expired January 1rst but because the pharmacy refused to give me anything in writing, I only had her word. I spoke with a manager, she apologized and told me to call the 800 # and assured me that they would put the money on my account but when I called, I was treated rudely and told that lost, damaged, or expired something would not be honored, when I told them that I hadn't been given anything in writing to lose, I was told that it should be at the bottom of my receipt but I looked and nothing. Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me. From now on, CVS will be my drugstore, the Rite Aid ads will go in the trash. Smart business people, they cheated me out of $25 and lost hundreds. Keep it up and I won't have to throw your ads in the trash any longer.
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Rite Aid Account

Rite Aid in Boardman, Ohio - Your Wellness Card is to hard to understand what you are entitled to!

can't create an account without using email! you cannot tell by receipt what you are entitled to and it tells me I am at plus level , what is that? How am I suppose know? You need a better system where computors are not envolved! If I cannot find out what plus level is or what my total points are what good are they ? I also went to the Drugstore three times and the points never showed on my receipt! The store clerk could not explain why they did not appear on my receipt so I don't know if I lost points!
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Seriously? You want a system without computers?

In what century are you living? All you need to do is read your receipt for your total wellness points, make sure you have your card scanned EVERY time you make a purchase. Points reset on 1/1 every year. If last year you reached silver (500 points) or gold (1000) points, that discount was carried over the following year and the points you are working on this year are towards 2013.

If not, this year, at 250 points, you will receive 10% off your RITE AID purchases, at 500 points you will receive 10% off your wellness card purchases (this excludes State-set prices (alcohol, dairy, gift cards and tobacco, etc), at 1000 points 20% off. THe exclusions are listed in the pamphlet that is available at the checkout. Basically, you will not receive any discount on any item that Rite Aid cannot affect the price of.

You also will not receive any additional discount with sales or clearance items. My advice to you would be to get a computer and come into the 21st century.


I used to work for rite aid. First of all, the computers are meant to make it easier for you to sign up for a wellness card - instead of standing in line filling out a form, you can just give the cashier your number.

Second, all you need to do is ask for information on the wellness+ and they will give you a pamphlet on it. As for the cashier, look. They changed the policy on us without a lot of notice.

A lot of changes (including showing points, coupons, etc) happen and they don't tell us (the employees). Complain to corporate.

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Rite Aid Account

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