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I'm ashamed to say that I was almost a victim of a scam in name of Peco, were the scammers called me with detailed information about my account and after almost convincing me to pay $1,000.00 for "Peco"not to cut my power during business hours, I was sent to get a MoneyPak green card at the Rite Aid store. I got 2 Money Pak green cards for $500.00 dollars each and on my way back to my store, I realized that it was a scam.

I returned to Rite Aid right away to return the cards and I was told that it was non refundable. That I had to call Money Pak itself. I've been trying to contact MoneyPak for 8 days today, with phone calls, prepaid debit cards to be loaded from the money pak, emails, refund requests and I have not been successful at all.

It seems to me that MoneyPak is also a scam.

I just spoke to a Rite Aid customer service about the problem and her response was that they do sell Moneypak at the store, but that Rite Aid is not responsible for this problem. I believe that since Rite Aid is allowing moneypak to be sold at its store, they are making a profit on every sell and should be responsible for this problem of people not being able to redeem the moneypak green card. In my view, Moneypak and Rite Aid are scamming their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1012.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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  • Money pak fraud
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No No if Rite -Aid has come to know of the wrong doing of Money pak our Green Dot and people are buy the cards at there store. Rite Aid do hold some of the blame.

When you call money Pak you as a customer expect the right and good person to help you not steal from you.

I purchase my money pak card Aug 4 2018 it is now Aug 11 2018 I have not seen my 200 Dollars on my card. PS I don't think it is nice to call people stupid


Rite Aid has nothing to do with the scam you fell for. No reason to hold them responsible for your stupidity.

You'll just have to eat your loss or get in contract with MoneyPak. Rite Aid is not responsible for anything to do with this situation.


listen here first comment guy, you sick retard, you must work for rite aid because you know *** well rite aid is responsible, who the *** else would come on here and take up for some corporation besides that corporation it's self, guilt much? RITE AID IN IRVINE KENTUCKY 40336 IS RUNNING THE SAME SCAM, only you can return the card but guess what, the last 4 digits on your card will not match the receipt they print and so you can't return it, convenient eh?


Second comment guy, you must work for CVS or Walgreens