Hillsdale, Michigan
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I cook with alcoholic beverages at times, or even buy them for occasions. My son and I went into a Hillsdale Rite Aid to purchase some wine coolers, The lady told me that she needed mine and my sons I.Ds When I asked why she needed my sons personal information, she informed me of Rite Aid's policy.

Did you know that if my son was not of the legal drinking age, she could not sell me any alcohol. Really, I am nearly 50 yrs. of age, and MY son is married, but Rite Aids policy is to card everyone standing in line with the person buying alcohol beverages ( Everyone in your PARTY) then they run all cards through a scanner. So who knows what information they receive from people's cards, but you feel as though Rite Aid has appointed a judge and jury over their cusomers.

It does not matter if I have health problems that require me to have him with me, but now I am guilty without a trial, and Not to mention my Natural Rights of being his mother has been violate. Whatever happened to Right to privacy.

If you must buy anything that requires an identification card at Rite Aid, leave your children standing outside the store so it actually looks like they soliciting you to buy them the alcohol! WOW.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My solution to this absurd and insulting ID policy is simply not to buy alcoholic beverages there. Perhaps eventually management will wake up and see the light?


Companies don't arbitrarily decide to violate privacy. Some states are stricter than others and they're just trying to protect themselves.

What that lady did was pretty standard. I've had to do the same to sell tobacco. Cops are always out and about doing stings to ensure compliance.

Fines generate revenue. Get pissed at the lawmakers not the ppl forced to uphold it.