Arbutus Maryland -My husband and I switched to Rite Aid a few months ago to fill our scripts because there is a location literally right up the street from our house. My husband is insulin dependent, has been for over 18 years. The first time we go to fill his script the say they do not have he insulin in stock it would be a few day. OK fine he was not completely out so no problem.

Second time we go to fill it ( about a month later) again not in stock. So we ask why they don't stock it. We were told that once our names and what we take were in their system for a few months, the system would then indicate to them to reorder the item because they had a regular customer that used it. Once again we said ok, we understood

It has now been over 6 months and every time we go to refill his insulin they do not have it and we either have to wait or go to another location to get it.

The straw that broke the camels back was just this past Saturday he submitted a refill. When he called on Monday to see if it was ready for pick he was told that he had no refills left. NO ONE called to tell him that nor did they contact the doctor to check for one. By the time he found that out and he had to have his doctors answering service page him to call one in for him, the pharmacy was closed. Tuesday he calls again they finally tell him they talked to the doctor but SURPRISE they don't have the insulin in stock AGAIN . Now he has to go out of his way to another location 20-25 away to get it because he is completely out and for a diabetic being out of insulin is a dangerous thing


Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Insulin Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Okay, the insulin complaint is valid, but the refill thing isn't. They're not required to tell you when you run out of refills.

You're supposed to keep track of your own medications. The staff can only do so much. If they spent all day calling people to tell them they were out of refills, they would never do anything else. It's clearly stated on the bottle/label how many refills you have left.

It's simply not their job to keep track of it. It's YOUR medication.

to JellyDoll #1482293

And you have never forgotten anything? Part of this job is customer service and to not contact a person on a medication that is needed for day to day life is unacceptable and bad customer service. I know plenty of other pharmacys that call their customers when a problem arrises because the know medication is important

to Anonymous #1482309

I just told you, if all they did all day long was call to remind customers that they are out of refills, they would literally never do anything else. Ultimately, it IS your responsibility to keep track.

Of course I've forgotten things, but I take responsibility for it instead of blaming someone else. All you have to do is ask the pharmacy to fax a refill request, then call your doctor, tell them you ran out and can they please expedite the refill. It's really that easy.

No need to blow a gasket. By the way, check how many refills you have left on your blood pressure meds.

to JellyDoll #1487035

Then we will agree to disagree. I do not believe anything I was asking is unheard of, I was not asking that they call and tell us in advance that there were none left, I just simply figured if someone placed a refill order ( not knowing or forgetting that they didnt have any left) that someone contact the customer informing them that it was not going to be filled or that there was an issue, especially on a medication that is needed everyday to function. Its not like I was speaking of a cough medicine or an antibiotic that if you missed a dose or 2 wouldn't land you in a hospital.Neither one of us are even really sure if its policy or not for them to call .Although I dont agree with you I respect your opinion as I would anyone who had repsonded.It is called Pissed Consumer and I was so saying not to blow a gasket and check my meds seems a bit of an overstep.When it comes to my family, I'll always fight for them if I feel something isnt right

to Anonymous #1488122

I'm not sure how much more clear I can make this.When you notice you are getting low on your meds, call the pharmacy. DO NOT wait until the last minute, when you are totally out of pills, to ask for a refill.

The pharmacy has NO IDEA how many pills/refills you have left. They have hundreds, possibly thousands, of patients and cannot keep track of all of them. That is YOUR responsibility. Surely you notice when you start running low?And although I am aware of the fact that this is a site called Pissed Consumer, why do you wish to REMAIN pissed instead of learning from your mistakes and trying to fix them going forward?

Frankly, I'm sick of listening to people blaming the staff for their own irresponsibility.I work in a pharmacy. Yesterday, for example, we were crazy busy. The phones were ringing off the hook. The queue was blowing up with doctors calling in refills from all over the state.

The lines at the register were long. Why? Because it was the Friday before a long weekend, and everyone wanted their meds NOW. One lady started screaming at us that she'd been waiting for 30 minutes to get her meds.

It had been ten minutes, and she somehow magically failed to notice that the place was bonkers and we were doing our best. You have NO IDEA how stressful it is.

And to suggest that on top of everything else, we set aside time to look at your profile to make sure you're not about to run out of any pills you might need?You may be a Pissed Consumer, but I am a Tired Pharm Tech. I can keep track of my own medications, why can't you?

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