Just got ripped off by them automatically rounding off to nearest dollar for some charity of theirs. Did not even ask me first like stores usually do and then refused to return my money when I realized they over charged me.

I have three charities I give to every year that I trust, I do not appreciate them automatically taking my money like that, and rude on top of it all.

Imagine if all stores started to do that! I will never shop there again plenty of other drugstores around!

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Happened to me today! Thank god I noticed this time because it was a small purchase and it was 0.75 more than it should’ve been.

I walked back in and the cashier told me there was nothing she could do and that I must’ve pressed “donate” then she changed it to, “you must’ve opted in at another store”. I never donate to charities unless I know where the money is going and that they’re non-profit.

They’ve been scamming me for nearly a year now and I am financially struggling. Ridiculous!




My husband just made 2 purchases at Rite Aid this morning and afternoon and the same issue both times. Not only did the cashier say the same thing about "Maybe you pressed Kidcents accept and wasn't paying attention", he refuse to issue a refund, said he did not know how to remove the feature from our account, he also went as far as to say "Do you have a wife?

Maybe she set it up that way". Ummmmm, WRONG! I stopped shopping at Rite Aid when they stop printing Rite Aid Rewards.

Their prices are way too high compared to other stores and their updated reward card system is completely worthless. I go to CVS regularly now and occasionally Walgreens.


Same thing happened to me. I called and spoke to manager and he said that when you swipe your card you can push button to have your change go towards charity.

I told him no one asked me if I wanted to donate.

What a rip off. You should always be asked 1st.


I just realized about that too. I guess I never paid attention to it before.

I was trying to remember if I was even asked if I wanted to donate, but I wasn't. May be .15 cents sounds like not much and I wouldn't mind shared them or even up to a dollar "if I was asked ". Other stores do that and I kindly accept.

I believe this is a robbery, they are stealing from customers because honestly I never heard the name of this charity not a place that gets the benefit of it. We should file a law suit.


I suspect that the way this scam works is this: Rite Aid rounds up the total to the nearest dollar. All the money they skim this way goes into an account - bonds, mutual funds, whatever - and sits there for a year drawing interest.

At the end of the year, they take the equivalent amount - minus a substantial "administrative expense", no doubt - and deliver it to said charity. This is how these things work.

In NO WAY did Rite Aid decide to be magnanimous; this is just a scheme to wring every last penny of profit that they can.I won't be party to it, and I don't appreciate the monkeyshines. Hello CVS!


Yup, they have done this to me twice! I am not shopping there anymore either.

CVS just gained a new customer and its the same distance. Bad, bad, business.

I am wanting to start a class action lawsuit against them. Think of all the elderly folk who shop there and are barely making ends meet and the way they put it way down by the tax is doubley deceptive.

@Tish Thames

Today I bought 4 cans of 99 cent cat food. Only as I was walking to my car did it dawn on me that $5 seemed a little high.

I checked the slip: after tax, they rounded up 76 cents!! That's almost a quarter of my whole purchase.I'm lucky, I have extra funds. (That being said, I give a lot to charities of my own choosing.) Many people are struggling and don't have extra.This is corporate theft, and it infuriates me.And you can't yell at the poor minimum-wage clerk, or at the barely minimum-wage manager.

You know they're being ordered to do this by their bosses. RiteAid, I'm done.


I’ve been with Rite Aid since it started Kid Cents. You HAD to opt in.

At no point did they just auto apply kid cents. It’s been going on for 3 years. Your just noticing? Maybe you forgot.

We can’t ring up a customer without thier answer input on the keybad. Yes, all the time, or yes, just this time or no. Why didn’t u look at the receipts every time you shopped there? We have an opt out button on the register.

You have to ask to be opt out. Can’t read your mind. The charity is your districts local charity or Rite Aid children’s charity choice or choose your own.

Go to kidcents.com and enroll where u want it to go and get your tax deductions form. It’s not a Scam.


Actually they automatically take it I was never once asked. I'm a single mom of 2 so every penny matters...


This is not true. I never signed up and when I was there yesterday, after putting in my phone number there was nothing else to push.

They rounded up anyway. This is sneaky and wrong.

I am a charity supporter but only on my terms and with my researched charities. I will not shop there again and I would happily join a class action lawsuit.


I just noticed last evening that they have been doing this to me as well. I called and they said to bring the receipt back and they would refund.

They also said they opted me out of it for future. I told them I have ALL my receipts and I am going thru them and they are going to refund me every penny. This is deceitful, fraudulent and they just lost me as a customer.

I too can't wait for the class action law-suit. Bad business and I know I never signed up for it!


I agree with many of the comments.we are a family of two and never were asked if we wanted to round up for kids cents but here we are.we were told by the clerks it couldn't be in undone by them.finally a clerk in another town gave me a number to call and finally got unenrolled.i too feel this is probably a good charity but feel the way rite aid went about it is fraud,and i am waiting for the class action.i think that is the only way they will learn to do it the right way.we give to a lot of charities and will continue to but it needs to be our choice not. riteAids.......it is plain fraud the way they did it and never did they say" I am sorry",just we must of enrolled when it is obvious by the many other comments that many people had the same experience.


They have been ripping me off too.


Everyone here is so dumb...yeahe, it asked you on the keypad, and yeah you hit "yes, every time" instead of "yes, just this one time" or "no." YOU made a mistake.....YOU weren't paying attention and hit the wrong button...or maybe ur husband or kid who had the same card as you hit the wrong button one time. Take a freaking Xanax and stop complaining. I'm sorry the cashier or manager had to deal with *** things like this.


Sorry dingus, customers are not asked to answer yes or no on key pay.


Inuse a chipped card so your the dummy


I was not asked. Apparently my husband did OK it last time he shopped there and never let me know.

He probably thought it was a one-time thing. I am going to check with the laws in my state, as it may not be legal to do without asking each customer, each time. People have a right to complain (just like you are doing right now about them).

No need to get all nasty. I'm sorry people have to deal with your belligerence.


This is a scam. Plain and simple.

We don't know where the money is going and we are not agreeing to pay into it. Did you read all 100 pages of the terms and conditions on every single thing you buy or download? Give me a break.

I can't wait for the lawsuit, which is coming soon. That's going to take a lot of money out of your little scamming hands.


This is happening in Michigan and they are claiming YOU signed up for it. Their explanation is that you must have "accidentally" hit the button that gives them the authority to charge you for kidcents on every purchase you make, without consent.

This is the most brazen scam I've ever seen from such a large retailer and chain.

If there is a lawsuit I want in. I've had to "opt out" of this scam multiple times already, and I know I never agreed to it.