Just got ripped off by them automatically rounding off to nearest dollar for some charity of theirs. Did not even ask me first like stores usually do and then refused to return my money when I realized they over charged me.

I have three charities I give to every year that I trust, I do not appreciate them automatically taking my money like that, and rude on top of it all.

Imagine if all stores started to do that! I will never shop there again plenty of other drugstores around!

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I just noticed last evening that they have been doing this to me as well. I called and they said to bring the receipt back and they would refund.

They also said they opted me out of it for future. I told them I have ALL my receipts and I am going thru them and they are going to refund me every penny. This is deceitful, fraudulent and they just lost me as a customer.

I too can't wait for the class action law-suit. Bad business and I know I never signed up for it!


I agree with many of the comments.we are a family of two and never were asked if we wanted to round up for kids cents but here we are.we were told by the clerks it couldn't be in undone by them.finally a clerk in another town gave me a number to call and finally got unenrolled.i too feel this is probably a good charity but feel the way rite aid went about it is fraud,and i am waiting for the class action.i think that is the only way they will learn to do it the right way.we give to a lot of charities and will continue to but it needs to be our choice not. riteAids.......it is plain fraud the way they did it and never did they say" I am sorry",just we must of enrolled when it is obvious by the many other comments that many people had the same experience.


They have been ripping me off too.


Everyone here is so dumb...yeahe, it asked you on the keypad, and yeah you hit "yes, every time" instead of "yes, just this one time" or "no." YOU made a mistake.....YOU weren't paying attention and hit the wrong button...or maybe ur husband or kid who had the same card as you hit the wrong button one time. Take a freaking Xanax and stop complaining. I'm sorry the cashier or manager had to deal with *** things like this.


Sorry dingus, customers are not asked to answer yes or no on key pay.


Inuse a chipped card so your the dummy


I was not asked. Apparently my husband did OK it last time he shopped there and never let me know.

He probably thought it was a one-time thing. I am going to check with the laws in my state, as it may not be legal to do without asking each customer, each time. People have a right to complain (just like you are doing right now about them).

No need to get all nasty. I'm sorry people have to deal with your belligerence.


I'm sorry that the cashiers have to deal with all the customer's attitudes.


This is a scam. Plain and simple.

We don't know where the money is going and we are not agreeing to pay into it. Did you read all 100 pages of the terms and conditions on every single thing you buy or download? Give me a break.

I can't wait for the lawsuit, which is coming soon. That's going to take a lot of money out of your little scamming hands.


This is happening in Michigan and they are claiming YOU signed up for it. Their explanation is that you must have "accidentally" hit the button that gives them the authority to charge you for kidcents on every purchase you make, without consent.

This is the most brazen scam I've ever seen from such a large retailer and chain.

If there is a lawsuit I want in. I've had to "opt out" of this scam multiple times already, and I know I never agreed to it.


Rite Aid used to ask at the point-of-sale whether a customer wanted to donate to their Kidcents charity. If you say yes ONE TIME, it then automatically continues to put it on your purchases without your permission.

So if you go in a hundred times a year, they've scammed over $100 bucks off of you! It's a complete gimmick! I called the store and they told me I had to go into the store to change the automatic charitable donation.

So I'm going to do it.

BTW, I give to many charities and donate a lot of my time volunteering for causes that are dear to my heart. However, having Rite Aid force their charity onto my purchases is just wrong, wrong, wrong.


This happened to me to but I thought that at one time maybe I agreed to it but couldn't remember doing so. There have been plenty of times when grocery stores, such as the Jimmy Fund, will ask if you would like to donate a certain amount and I often do but I have been more Leary and wiser over the years and like to investigate the organization first. This is not right for them to do- our Government is bad enough!!!


While what they did was wrong, telling you "no" is not the same as being rude.


Same happened to me today..will never shop there again..really bad business practice


Same thing happened to me it's been going on for a long time. I didn't realize it till yesterday,,cannot believe that sort of Scam , so I got online waited 18 minutes to update out of that *** needless to say I'll be going to Walgreens or CVS to *** with right aid.!!!


I work at rite aid. I just want to clear up a few things .A rite aid associate cannot opt anyone in they don't give us that much control.

We can't even void an item over ten dollars without manager approval. Kid cdnts did two waves of offering the customers to opt in. One when it started and one recently. All cashiers have an option in one if the tabs on their register to opt a customer OUT of kidcents at their request.

If they don't know where the button is ask them to get someone who does. Kid cdnts can be refunded just like anything else using the barcode on the brochure. We are everday people just like you. We don't wake up in the morning looking for ways to take peoples money.

If you came in to my store with any of the complaints above I would take care of you.

So should any rite aid store. All this aside kidcents is a great program with the overhead paid for by us and tax deductible


You are an ***. On the sigcap where you slide your card it asks you.

You make the choice not the associate. Learn to read. Plus you can actually visit the website and tell kidcents where to donate. It's sad that you would want a refund because you were "over charged" because you didn't read the screen.

This refund is a donation.

Don't worry or feel bad that you took food and medicine out of a child's mouth. Enjoy the change you saved and try not to worry about the children you decided not to help.


Don't get on your high horse about "it's just a donation." Plenty of people donate and there obviously must be some sort of issue if thousands of people "don't remember opting in." I donate to charities ON MY TIME AND DOLLAR. You have no idea what someone's financial situation is.

It's obvious that you have a giving tree in your backyard where you can just pull cash off of it anytime you want. I have personally donated over $300 this year to charities and just happened to have a tight week due to starting a new job and my pay being delayed, etc. So yes, I am pissed off about 88 cents.

I could have used that money towards my mortgage that just went up because of increased escrow, or towards my kid's pulmonary specialist bills. So back the *** down.


Some people, who are shopping at Rite Aid, struggle to get by themselves and they should not be tricked into giving money. That doesn't show integrity which leads me to wonder where the money really goes.

The manager told me some people don't realize they are not just signing up for one time. That is fraudulent if they are aware of this!


Failure on the customer's part to read and pay attention to what they are signing is no excuse to label the store a fraud. In our pharmacy, people with insurance and/or a card must sign 2-3 times on the pad.

One for the HIPPA notice, one each for their insurance and their card. We tell them exactly what they are signing, and still, every dang time, after the HIPPA notice they always say I JUST SIGNED THAT.

No, if you shut up and listen and read, you would know what the heck you signed for.

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