Just got ripped off by them automatically rounding off to nearest dollar for some charity of theirs. Did not even ask me first like stores usually do and then refused to return my money when I realized they over charged me.

I have three charities I give to every year that I trust, I do not appreciate them automatically taking my money like that, and rude on top of it all.

Imagine if all stores started to do that! I will never shop there again plenty of other drugstores around!

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Look if use your wellness card the pin pad prompts you if you want to do it this time all the time or not at all either you or another family member pressed all the time. Your of they're fault not Riteaid. Remember if your friends or family use your wellness card they can opt you right back in


I commented in September about this issue that I've been having when making purchases at Rite Aid. I can't think of a reason either of us (or anyone who is commenting about this) would lie about our respective experiences, so believe me when I say that I never see a prompt when I use my Wellness+ Card.

If the solution were already explained here or dictated clearly by Rite Aid or their employees, I doubt that this would be a common issue.

I am the only member of my family who shops at the local Rite Aid, or at any Rite Aid. It is my Wellness+ Card. Could it be that no prompt comes up if, instead of sliding/scanning our cards, we ask to simply enter in the phone number registered to said card? I am truly interested in finding a solution.

It is very irritating.

I want to trust Rite Aid and I don't want to change pharmacies. But this operation of theirs is poorly run and it (as well as some of the responses from alleged Rite Aid employees) does not show respect for the customer.


Yes, I have the same problem. I didn't even realized it until one day I have an item to be returned and when I checked my rite aid receipt if the item I am going to return is in that particular receipt, I noticed another charged wheich is obviously not anything I will purchase.

What's so suspicious about it is becuse the charge on their charity is not placed at the end of your purchase but inserted among your other purchases, so it's not easy to spot unless you checked all your purchases against your receipt.

When I went to the store for my return I asked the sales clerk to refund the money I unknowly contributed to their charity and told them, this is my last time to shop in their store. I've haven't stepped in Rite Aide fromt hat time on.


I paid cash today and wasn't asked to push anything on the pin pad or asked if id like to donate. It was very small so it's not worth my time to get it back but I Never agreed to this.

I'm a very giving person and really don't mind it being such a small amount but I never agreed to this Or asked and I pay cash so I didn't accidently press a button. Not cool Rite Aid


We checked out at a Rite-Aid today and there was absolutely no question about donating on the machine where you slide your debit card. There was also no mention of it by the cashier.

But she still rounded up and took our money. We never opted into this particular charity, so I don't understand why people keep saying that if you opt into it you can't stop donating until you go back and opt out. If you really think about it, Rite Aid doing this almost every single customer means that they're making an insane amount of money off of this fraudulent policy.

And when I just looked at their website, it appears that pretty much anyone can become a kidcents arity that they will represent. And God only knows how much of that money they keep for themselves and for their executives.


I had the same issue at my Rite Aid. I finally realized I had been getting charged like this every time.

While I MAY have at some point accidentally opted in for "every time" instead of choosing"just this time," I certainly opted OUT the other day when a manager was assisting me. Then, just today, I looked at my receipt and saw that I had been charged in this manner once again. I know I did not ever opt back in or anything. If I can't get this to stop, I'll have to go somewhere else.

It feels very underhanded. If there's no way that the cashier is doing this themselves every time, then there's something else going on that isn't correct or straightforward. To "Rite Aid Employee": your customers are not idiots. I hope that you don't explain things this way in person.

Telling patrons that the issue would be solved if they could only just pay attention or "READ" is rather insulting. We wouldn't be here if we didn't do those things.


They don't automatically take the money. You have to opt into it but selecting "yes" when the option is presented. You may have accidentally done so, but the store does not automatically opt you in, nor is it something a cashier can do.


Yes they do take it. We use the drive thru and have never opted in but they have begun to take their little cut regardless


you are full of it...and probably an employee...it defaults to donating with NO option of opting out.


Yes, they do automatically take the money. We just checked all our receipts for Rite-Aid over the past year and that "donation" is on every one of them.

I'm pretty sure we would have noticed an opt-in option (like they do at Walgreens). I can't believe these clowns are getting away with this.


First off nobody stole your money or over charged you. On the pin pad when you check out if you READ it it will as you if you want to donate to kidcents.

It says no, yes this time or yes everytime. We as employees have no control over what you selected.

We cant round it up or charge you for it on our side. You did it because you didnt read it.

@Rite Aid employee

In the Rite Aid store in Yelm, Washington, some register don't have that opetion to say no or yes. When the cashier scan your item, the register automatically round off your total purchases to the nearest dollar and the difference is charged to the charity.

If you pay without reading the small print on the small machine you swiped your credit/debit card in, you will unknowingly contribute to Rite Aid kids charity. I have not problem contributing to charities, but I have a problem with the way Rite Aid is collecting that contributions from their unsuspecting customers.

@Rite Aid employee

No, in San Diego, CA I am not ASKED every time if I want to donate. I finally caught on. It was NOT EASY to opt out - and I am dismayed I wasn't ASKED AT ALL if I wanted to donate for LIFE to their “charity.” As it is, I'd love to see the numbers on how much is actually donated, and how much goes to administration of the program!


You didn't get ripped off. During each transaction, if you have a wellness+ card it will automatically on the register ask if you want to round up for kid cents.

If no one asks, then you might have accidentally chosen the "always round up" option before. In that case, just ask the cashier if you can decline the kid cents option and they should waiver it for you for future use :)

@Rite aid cashier



Yeah not sure if I believe this whole opt in process... I don't even have a wellness card and my charges are rounded up without being prompted.

So there was no opt on option for me.

Just automatically charged more. Awesome job Rite Aid!