I walk up to the door at 8:54 and the door is already locked!!!! If you close at 9 then door should be open until 9!!!!!!! Store number 11585

Location: Bisbee, Arizona

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They want to *** go home! If they don't close early *** like you just wonder around til 9:30, then they get bitched out for staying late to close because of you.


You do understand that we are trying to get some of our closing duties done before we close so that it goes much quicker and we can go home sooner? Like the other person said, you had literally ALL day to come in and you chose to come just before they close?

EVERY employee hates customers that do this. Especially when people take forever to make a purchase or are just casually browsing.

Rude. Go to a 24 hour store instead.


You had all freaken day to come in and you wait 6 freaking minutes for we close. Did you not stop and think we wanna leave on time and go home to our familys.

No way you can come in get what you need and be checked out in 6 mins. We close at 9 and that means we are closed and not standing there waiting on someone after 9pm.make next time you will be considered enough not to wait 6 mins till closing.

Its people like you who want us to lock up early so were not stuck there waiting on someone past 9 who is unconsidered. Dont like it shop some place else.

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