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My son came home and asked me if I had signed up for Rite Aids Kidscents and I told him no. He said that I must have because he and I had been signed up for some time now.

He showed my on our receipts that Rite Aid had been rounding up our charges for their charities. This is BS. Rite Aid has no business in not asking and just taking money from their customers without their knowledge. Rite Aid is stealing millions of dollars for their charity tax credit at the expense of their customers not being told.

I looked on-line as to what this Kidscents is and it a combination of over 400 unnamed charity organizations, who know if they are legit or not or if they deserve money. Rite Aid is a thieving organization that needs a class action lawsuit brought against them for this crime.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Customer Care.

Reason of review: Stealing from customers for their Kidcents charity.

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Employee here. The Kidcents program is not a scam, the money goes to children's charities in your community, you can even choose which one online.

Now onto the point that you've been rounding up- each time you scan your Plenti/Wellness card a prompt should come up on the pinpad UNLESS you chose "every time" at some point.

There are three options initially: "round up every time", "this time only", or "not this time." It is a possibility that you hit the "every time" option at some point and didn't realize it. If you point this out to your cashier before the transaction is finished, s/he can opt you out of the program and take the donation off.

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