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Every month they try find a reason to delay my pain medication,something wrong with prescription,gotta call Dr, to confirm this or that EVERY month for 6 month.I come in with the same perscription EVERY month.I feel they are descriminating against me because it is a pain medication and they look down at me like a drug addict or something.Then once they finally approve that it is the same damn perscription from the same damn Dr.they say it will take a day and a half to get if i'm luckythis is every mounth mind you. I am a very sick man, I have a nurse who comes to my house every week and I obvisouly need the medication because I am in constant pain as well as the many other meds I require.This time after one of my many hospital stays my Dr.writes me a perscription for a non-narcotic,medication that I need daily and that they suprisingly have in stock every month.Keep in mind I just came from my primary care Dr.

after a hospital stay so she writes me the persription because i'm in need of it every day.When I try to fill the perscription they tell my wife, because i'm too sick to even go to Rite Aid at this point they tell her that I filled this med.

3 weeks ago it's too soon to fill it.MY DR.JUST WROTE THE PERSCIPTION!!Maybe I lost the rest whatever happened I dont know I have so many meds to take but I no I was out so I asked my write it.Who is Rite Aid to re-fuse I perscription JUST WRITTEN by a Dr. So they tell my wife they need to contact the Dr..It's a Friday afternoon so I am without my needed medication and as a result have a flare up of the chronic ailment that medication is to prevent.Something need to be done they cannot overide a Dr.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Pharmacist.

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{{Redacted}}, I told you to get help yesterday. And I don't mean more pills.

4-1/2 years, if I recall correctly, is too long to stay on any type of pain meds. You had better get this under control before you wake up like Marilyn Monroe ; I promise your fame won't be as long lasting.