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Last Monday I had nine teeth pulled and my upper jaw and was given a prescription for 20 Vicidon. The pharmacist would not fill it because she said it had Tylenol in it and that was no good for me to go back to the dentist and get a prescription for Vicodin with no Tylenol.

I'm staying in there in pain and she is trying to save the planet.

I give about $50,000 worth of business to the store. Guess who's not going to CVS

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Boycot Rite Aid, until they get their act together all stores.


As a pharmacist, I will speak with knowledge on all of the comments here:

1- A pharmacist can and will not fill an rx for anything for 2 primary reasons- the patients health or if there is suspicion of something illegal going on.

2- A doctor can call in RX for Vicodin(hydrocodone) and other C3 products. Typically, they cannot call in C2 prescriptions (Percocet, Oxycodone etc...)

3- A good pharmacist will attempt to call the doctor or provide a better explanation than what you stated in your rant.

BC- feeling for your pain post dental work....

but many of the comments here are correct.... no need to be bitter


1. Its a narc.

They can't just call. 2. It doesnt contain tylenol 3. Dont assume theres more to a story.

4. So glad Rite Aids is gone for good.


The pharmacist has no right to dictate what the medication is but can refuse to fill it if the RX isn't correctly written. They usually contact the doctor to correct the issue.


Bring it Anywhere but there! Lol..

First of all who is this person to state what you should or should not take?

Also, "Vicodin" no longer has much Tylenol at all in it anymore since changing all of those laws several years ago. And that is why you can no longer get refills on it, nor can your doctor phone it in any longer, as it now has to be a written script and on a written piece of paper, one month at a time. and, who is she to think that your dentist will want to give you pure a hydrocodone which is equivalent to morphine in its purest form? LOL you had teeth pulled, you aren't a dying cancer patient.

It would be very very rare for any Dennist to prescribe that type & strength of medication for someone who had their teeth pulled, regardless of its one tooth or 20 teeth, it is usually a one day or maybe 2 day intense feeling of pain, so normally only Tylenol is given. Lol. Wow, it's like she told you the reverse. I do know that pharmacists have the right to refuse any prescription for any reason but it's just weird that she wouldn't fill it due to her own idea of what you should be receiving.

Lastly, by the time you get ahold of your dentist if it's after the weekend they will likely just say you don't need it. Because it's usually only given for 2 to 3 days at us and by then it will pretty much reached that point so you may get a one day supply if you're lucky, so now she just really screwed you! I wish you the best but I'd stay away from that place! Ugh..

how totally annoying.

Besides all of what I just said, the generic brands they(CVS) use for their hydrocodone/Vicodin totally sucks! Go to Walgreens and get the Watson generics as they r the best ones!


Unless there was some interaction with another medication you take or you have listed an allergy to acetaminophen, her job is to fill the prescription and shut up. Not her job to try to tell you what to take. That's the physicians job.


You should be concerned on why you had to have so many teeth removed.


And should be concerned about getting in another man's business. You worry about you.


I can’t believe you have the guts to make an immature, nasty comment like that! its none of you’re business.

Think before you comment! There could be any number of reasons behind this.


I understand your frustration and being in pain. I've been there myself.

If your pharmacist is concerned enough for your health not to fill scrips that include Tylenol it is probably because you have liver problems or may frequently drink alcohol. I have had liver damage from Tylenol and believe me when I say it's horribly painful and the exhaustion a damaged liver causes lasts for many weeks. Weeks I spent so exhausted I could barely do more than shower and go right back to laying in bed on my left side only because my liver hurt so much I couldn't tolerate even the pressure of my slim body against the mattress. The number of people who have liver failure and even DIE from Tylenol is a dirty secret J&J kept hidden for decades.

It is only in the last 5-10 years that the makers put a warning label on Tylenol about the dangers of taking too much or drinking alcohol while taking it. I hope you have been able to get a more suitable pain medicine since your report. P.S.

- for severe pain, Dilaudid is an excellent drug that won't cause liver problems. It is my go-to medication for severe pain that over the counter meds just can't alleviate.


Tylenol is another name for acetaminophen. Sounds like the pharmacist found an interaction with some other drug you take or found it should not be taken with the medical history you gave her or with other medicines you told her you take.

For example, acetaminophen can damage the liver if you take certain other drugs or if you have certain diseases. You might be taking other drugs that contain acetaminophen and the prescription might put you over the toxic dose. It's obvious from this post that you did not understand her explanation. Acetaminophen will not damage the planet.

The pharmacist shelves are full of it under different names. This is your dentist's fault.

He should have given you the script before you had the work done so you could have it filled beforehand. That's what mine did.


How do you give $50k of business to the store annually. Is there something we should know about your other ventures?


You need to mind your own business and quit siding with that doctor wanna-be pharmacist. Liberals like you is what is wrong with the USA. Now shut down your computer and unplug your router and go sit in the truck.


I just jump on board: you did want commands the reason you shared didn't you. What did you expect from the readers?


The pharmicist CANNOT just change a doctors prescription because they disagree with it!..thats insane!..that pharmicist should be fired forever!..Find out who to report her to..what she did borders on illegal..if not just flat out illegal!..l hope your doctor didn't cave into this pill nazi!..good luck!


A Pharmacist cannot legally refuse to fill a legitimate prescription. I have had the same problem with CVS and have filled a complaint against them.

Go to Walmart Pharmacy.


A pharmacist can and they will refuse to fill any prescription.


Now we have you. I guess you wanted to be a pharmacist but you can't count.

There are plenty of pharmacists in a mom and pop store that would be glad to fill that LEGAL script. A man who had 9 teeth pulled at one time should not be given any problems, especially from a nearly bankrupt pharmacy with a defective pill roller.


So they tried to help you out and save your health and this is all you have?

Assuming the dentist was still open, why didn't you call them and have you phone in what the pharmacist said or let him/her know where the bear sits and fill the script?


Doctors can't call in controlled substances to the pharmacy. (Or so I've been told!)