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Rite Aid has recently adopted a policy where you cannot purchase beer without identification. I recently stopped by the Rite Aid on Grand Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and despite the fact that I am fifty years old and my brother is seventy-nine years of age we were unable to purchase beer because we were not carrying our identification.

Where does discretion come into the equation or common sense? The laws are designed to prevent underage drinking; not to prevent middle and mature men from purchasing beer. I guess what really is appalling is the fact that I have purchase beer on numerous occasions at the location and have shown my identification to the very cashier at least four different occasions over the past week. I served our country and cannot purchase beer at 50?

It is obvious to me that this policy is not very consumer friendly to those above forty. The fact that the employee cannot use common sense speaks volumes of upper management’s confidence of their employees.

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Asking for ID is not a problem. The real issue is Rite Aids policy of inputting your birthday into their computer system without your consent.

The primary reason is to continue to build your profile to market and sell your personal data.

I'm in my 50's and even the store manager refused to allow me to purchase because he was determined to 'get' my data. I will boycott RA until they change this policy which is unlawful, unethical and deceptive.


No it’s not. None of what you have described is illegal in any way.

The information on your ID is public record! You give more info just using a debit credit card. Your data has been for sale since debit cards became the norm. Your credit card company has been selling your info for decades and NOW you want to get paranoid?

Maybe back your claims with proof. I can prove my claims. It’s in your card agreement that you allow them to “share” your data with their partners. Where is your proof of collection and sale of said data.

I shop there all the time and don’t get any junk mail or unusual solicitations.

Maybe stop being so paranoid over what you THINK is reality. If anything they would make more money hoarding your info for their own uses.


You are apparently misinformed. Taking something from someone without their explicit consent at agreement is tantamount to stealing.

We do not live in a society that gives corporations the right to take without asking. If RA already has this data why are they disrupting their customers by asking for it. And why do they feel it unnecessary to tell you that they are inputting your data into their system. I maybe paranoid but I also have a right to protect my data.

I may have signed some agreements but I have not with RA and further given the current climate of wanton data theft - we ALL need to be a bit more paranoid. BOYCOTT Rite AID.


Same problem at a store I have patronized for 16 years. I am in my 50s also.

I went to two different R.A.

stores here in Manhattan, one clerk just put my birthday in, and the second called his manager and he approved it. It seems the more they know you, the more they not only treat you poorly but speak to you that way.


The law isn’t about common sense it’s about fairness and equality. Restricted products are restricted for a reason.

So if a young person has to show ID then you really shouldn’t whine when you get carded. If you failed to bring a ID with you in public then you’re really boning yourself. It’s the law as well that you carry ID. Don’t believe me ask a cop.

Each and every person who signs a state ID form agrees to carry said ID to prove they are residents and/or citizens. But you people can’t use basic skills like reading what your signing so.....get. Over. It.

The cashiers have a job to do and part of that job is entering information on restricted sales items. They would like nothing more then to just take your word and the evidence of their own eyes. But they can’t and not carding you could cost them their job.

If that doesn’t affect you because you need to get drunk or need smokes then you really are nothing but self entitled trash. They, like you, have families and homes to support and they shouldn’t have to chose to risk those jobs because YOU FEEL you shouldn’t have to carry ID or show it when purchasing a FEDERALLY RESTRICTED PRODUCT!!!


Walgreens doesn't have the same policy. Don't act like you never went anywhere without your ID!

Your hypocritical! You sound like one of those cashiers who has a wanna be cop issue.


Aren't you heavily laden with a self inflated sense of entitlement...Verbose.


The law doesn't state that you have to have your data recorded into RA computer systems - only to verify that you are of legal age to purchase.


If anyone on this thread has a problem with showing Id for purchase of FEDERALLY regulated products, then that is exactly who you need to speak with. THE FEDS.

No it is not an invasion of privacy. Every rite aid has a sticker on the front door that says “WE ID ALL”. If you have a problem with being ided then don’t even walk through the front door. Rite aid is the ONLY place I have ever worked at that doesn’t require cashiers to scan their Id when purchasing alcohol and cigarettes.

If you ask me, they should. Why you ask? Because my store probably wouldn’t be under investigation for selling to a minor had an id been scanned and rejected. And I can guarantee that more of these underage sales happen in places like rite aid where entering a birthdate is enough.

Unfortunately people are selfish and only think about themselves, not the jobs of those who are standing behind the counter. Just show your damn id and get the *** out. Or go elsewhere.

It’s the law. One that our older generation ruined for the rest of us.


I don't mind showing I'd. Today I went into rite aid to buy liquor.

I had my girlfriend with me. She was standing out of line while I paid.

They asked for her I'd. We are both 53 and she wasn't in line.


Yes this is a *** policy but stop giving the cashier a hard time. They can lose their job if they don't I.d.

people, I used to work there. Just show your I.d. or go somewhere else. The cashier has nothing to do with it.

We would love it if we could use our own common sense. Please complain to corporate.


The corporates are very ignorant. They see no problem with creating a policy that infringes on your rights to privacy and allows them to act unethically.

I will gladly show ID to make a purchase but I do not expect some clerk to enter my personal data into a computer so the company can join that data with my rewards data for whatever purpose they choose.

The law(s) only require me to present proof of my legal drinking age not for RA to collect and use my data as they very well please. BOYCOTT Rite AID!!!


Americans have no common sense. You would not find such a ridiculous policy in Europe.


More like "corporations think Americans are stupid" because we are so eager to not understand when we are being taken advantage of.


Rite Aid in Glens Falls NY also denied me cigarettes at age 54! No purse on me.

So no I.D

Pissed off after walking there in the cold. I stood my ground and got them.

But will never go there again. Unreal


Your attitude is not worth me loosing my job you are supposed to be an adult instead u threw a temper tantrum like a stupid kid


Good for you. That sounds like something that I would have done. (and have done)


I am 58 and at my local Rite Aid have shown my ID over 1,000 times in the last 3 years. As recently as 1 week ago I've been refused the purchase of beer having not had my ID, My Pass Port, with me.

If I were to drop a 12 pack on the floor, totally by accident, and broken the beers there in, who would have to pay for the damage? I had been refused payment when the bottles were whole, how could I expect to pay for the beer in bottles that were broken?


They don't charge you for accidents ***.


The problem isn't showing the license, it's them entering your actual DOB into their computer system. Invasion of privacy, and a bullsh%t policy.