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Being asked to show photo identification today to purchase beer when I’m nearing “72-years young”?! Ridiculous.

While Rite-Aid in the past has had very competitive prices for alcohol, it seems that its business outlook overall is becoming even grimmer. Instituting such an incomprehensible I. D. requirement is demeaning to customers “of a certain age“, and disenfranchises helpless clerks “caught in the middle” and haplessly puts them at the receiving end of unjustified/unnecessary derision and scorn.

This stupidity sadly seems guaranteed to hasten Rite-Aid’s probable ultimate demise.

(This complaint was about 13 words short of the required 100-word minimum. Did this "old geezer" make it now?!)

  • I D requirement
  • unnecessary carding
  • making employees unconfortable
  • sensitive information
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remember anything cheep as it price, that's your private information, ie FACEBOOK.


when ask for your ID after the purchase ask the clerk " what year was I born? It might tell you what they were really looking at.


clerks are collecting information on you they also can have excess to your phama records, this combined is very valuable and put you at risk. Watch them closely they are not to trusted with your information.


This is *** It is obvious we are above 21. The law says you have to be 21.

It doesn't say you need a valid ID. If you are in your later years why question!!!!!!


75 yrs. old and asked for I.D.

to purchase cigarettes. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.


Not only did I have to produce my I’d at 66 but my wife 61 had to produce her I’d also when I was buying the cigarettes because she was with me. I asked the clerk if I had my grandson with me I could not buy cigarettes.

Common sense of policy makers at rite aid and others have to do a better job. Trump and his ramblings fit right in with today’s retailer.neither one of them use common sense.


You're an idiot


Rite Aid's policy is not a corporate one but rather a policy that was instituted by the federal government in order to crack down on the sale of tobacco products and paraphernalia and alcohol to minors. The cashiers have no choice if the store wants to continue selling the products so if you have a problem with it, go to the god damn state liquor store. Otherwise, shut up, give us your damn birth date when we ask or don't buy the stuff!


Asking for an ID is one thing but they type your driver license number into some kind of program. The woman told me that it verifies the age.

They are the ONLY ones who take your license number and do something with it and they should not be doing that.Everyone else (and I mean everyone), at other establishments can look at an ID and add or subtract the age in their mind! Why can't Rite Aid employees ?


I'm pissed at Rite Aid too. Even though I am 66 years old, and obviously over 21, I usually just tolerate their ridiculous ID Policy and show my driver's license.

However my most recent trip I left my driver's license in the car. The cashier would not ring up the one can of beer I was buying and sent me to my car to get my license.

And, oh yeah, did i mention it was very cold and raining/sleet/small hail outside? I have had #ENOUGH with Rite Aid and I am calling #BS.


About a month ago Rite Aid lost my business - all of it, including filling scripts - for the same reason. No other store does this.

Here I am, well over 50, being asked by rude employees to state my date of birth while other customers are within earshot. The store already had all my info (including DOB) in their pharmacy records but no, they had to shout out “Date of birth?” when I tried to purchase a bottle of wine - even after I had just showed my drivers license in order to fill a script!

I now get everything I need at Walgreens. They’ve never treated me the way RA did.


Yeah thanks a lot man for getting pissed at them for them just doing their job! Now they just ask my birthday when I buy wine!

I do NOT want to say my date of birth out loud in a public setting! Great thanks for this!


Rite Aid stands out by being the only drug store where employees shout "WHAT'S YOUR DATE OF BIRTH?" when you are filling a script or buying wine. This is so rude, unnecessary and invasive.

The company already has my DOB recorded in my PlentiCard. And to ask for it out loud while other customers and employees are within earshot is just plain ignorant.

So I've taken my non-script business to Walgreens, where I'm never asked for my DOB. And when I fill scripts at Rite Aid and am asked the question, I show my drivers license and make the employee look.


Yes it is! I hate that about them.

I tell them no you look at this (I hand them my dL)


I have heard that Safeway Hood River has had very nice increases in Beer and Wine Sales since RiteAid cards everybody, no exception


They can't do anything about it. A corporate rule is a rule. If anyone from the board sees an employee not card someone they lose their job right there.


The reason we have to do this is because we had issues at some of our stores where employees weren't asking for ID of those who looked under 30. It is a corporate issue that none of these innocent cashiers have anything to do with.

Please do not yell and complain to them because they had absolutely no power in that decision. We have literally heard it all before x a thousand. Just suck it up or SHOP ELSEWHERE PLEASE. It isn't a big deal.

All we put in our register is your birthdate. Not your name or where you live or anything.


How is it the Rite Aid employee ask my friend for their I'd when I am the 30 year old buying a beer?


How is it the Rite Aid employee ask my friend for their I'd when I am the 30 year old buying a beer?