East Syracuse, New York

I have a money order for 375.00 from rite aid and as a policy all across AMERICA they will not accept the money order with their name and receipt. I have to MAIL the money order across the continent wait 30 to 65 and hope that Western Union (who by the way will not even connect me to customer service) will send my mortgage payment back to me, by which by the way will be totally useless because I will be moving soon anyways due to money being lost in the mail.

And knows why the "They" out there made these policies or even who they belong to, Rite Aid or Western Union.


Monetary Loss: $375.

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I cannot understand why it is so hard to cash a money order especially if it has the logo of the business you purchase it from such as Rite Aid I don't even understand why is it so hard to cash a money order if you have filled it out but never used it or endorsed it and you have both the front and the receipt so that means you took your money your cash credit in the form of a money order and now you're just stuck and what kind of banking system is that!!!!!


yes I know how you feel just send it to the regional office in Colorado they will send back a check form..but will not payback what you paid to buy the MO.


You can cash it at your bank. I get rite aid money orders on a regular basis for payment from a customer, my bank cashes mine.


I am stuck w a money order ( from rite -aid as well ) THIS TRULY IS NOT OK ,,,,, A . I had money WU to me BECAUSE I NEED $$$$ , RITE AID tells me I can cash it ANYWHERE PRETTY MUCH ,,, FALSE !!!!! AND WHY DONT THEY ACCEPT MO's but they give them out ?????


Our rite aid will cash the money orders (basically returning them) IF and only IF they were bought at OUR store. you just forfeit the 'buying fee'. i would think all Rite Aid's were the same but i guess not.


If it is made out to anyone other than the store, then they will not take them back. You have to mail it to Western Union for the refund.

And Walmart uses Money Gram and it works the exact same way. If it is blank, they will cash it.

If it is made out to anyone they will not unless the person it is made out to cashes it. Those are Western Union and Money Gram's policies and have nothing to do with the stores that offer the service.


They actually do take money orders back at most places that issue them as long as they are not made out to someone else. If they are made out to the company that issued it or yourself they will usually cash them.

Rite Aid is actually the ONLY store I have witnessed that will not. Almost every grocery store will issue and return money orders- any Walmart will both issue and return them.. etc etc..

Simple answer? Don't use Rite Aid for your money orders.


To answer the first question, Money Orders are not items, they are a service that the store provides. There are instructions on the Money Order it self about getting a refund for your un used Money Order.

If the Money Order was already filled out to someone or some company, etc then the store can do nothing with the money order. They are not a bank and do not cash checks of any kind for Cash, so how could they cash a money order that is made out to anything other than Rite Aid.

I am sure this was a stressful situation for you and not really sure of the circumstances but this is not about returning an item.

For the second question by Shay, because of the anti-money laundering procedures in place for any company dealing with Western Union, money orders etc, the magic number is $1000 and you need an ID and over $3000 you need an ID, SS# and Occupation listed and kept for a period of years on file with the log books.


Spot on Bobbie. I work for RA and I usually tell people to take the money order to the bank and make it out to themselves so they can either cash it or deposit it. And yes, the money order is NOT a product, it's a service of western union that Rite Aid CONVENIENTLY offers for you.


my soN went to rite aid ob highlands rd in Waterford MI to purchase money orders for our rent..once he already paid for the money orders he was told he needed an id because they were over a certain amount!! When i questioned the store clerk as to why this was she said oh because we get audited..well my issue with this is he was BUYING themNOT RETURNING THEM!

!!!! What is this all about???

@Shay Harris

Anti-money laundering law. Blame the federal government for placing the restrictions.


Most stores that sell money orders won't take them back. The money order company is different than the store. Why didn't you use the money order for the purpose intended?