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Today I sent this letter to the Rite Aid corporate office via their web site: I recently injured my arm and broke some ceramics exiting your store in Lake Isabella California.It seems that Rite Aid believes we will steal their shopping carts if we are allowed to take them out to our cars.

Poles have been attached to the carts which crash into the upper door frames preventing the cart from leaving the store (this injured me in the process). In California we are not given bags for our purchases. Here we must use our own bags OR load our purchases from the cart into the totes in our cars. Since I bought a cart full of ceramic flower pots my purchases would not fit in bags anyway.

The clerk watched me putting the ceramics all back into the cart after each was rung up but failed to warn me that the cart was unable to fit through the door. Your store manager today told me I should have used some other carts which don't have poles attached but I had not seen any of them when I came in. (Are these carts magically theft proof)? Please have the poles removed from the shopping carts in California.

I'm so angry right now that I'm having my prescriptions all moved to another pharmacy. I hope I don't have to take my injury case to court or start a class action case on behalf of Californians.

We are trying to make this a better world by limiting plastic bags in our landfills and you need to get on board.Californians NEED to take their shopping carts to their cars!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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