Within the time span of a year, I was told I needed to have a "wellness card" to receive sale prices at RITE AIDE .Today, I went to the local RITE AIDE to purchase ...

and some Folgers Coffee. Now I only get the "sale price" if I have "UP+" the cashier and I didn't know what that was. So...Congratulations! You've joined the ranks of *** artist, in my book.

Why not just fire the person coming up with these ideas that only suceed in annoying your customers (not to mention, potential new customers) and use the money to just have a reasonable price that attracts business.I have better things to do with my time and can shop at any number of other places.

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This poster is obviously an *** who didn't understand that the coffee was not on sale, it just came with a +UP coupon after purchase.No one takes time to read the sale signs and that is why there is so much confusion among customers.

If a sale sign says "you pay $3.99 with $1+UP is like paying $2.

99" the customers ignore everything before the $2.99 bit.It is frustrating and beyond annoying.

to Alicia Pfafftown, North Carolina, United States #1307472

why do you silly store people think it should be difficult to buy things and why do any of you think people want to do tricks for you to get a cheaper price. If there is any stupidity it is the store people.


Everytime I go in there they usually scan the card on their register before they even ask for mine so I don't know if they're building up credits for themselves or just doing it to keep me from having to dig mine out.


Why do people think there is an E on aid?It's rite aid, not rite aide.

Very simple.

Even worse than when everyone thought Eckerd was Eggert.And people actually wonder why our customer service is bad...cuz we spend all day waiting on people who can't spell a three letter word.

to Wash N Fold Pfafftown, North Carolina, United States #1307473

who cares what people call you? Give good service and that is what people will remember. Dum ***


I hate the wellness card!Don't want to carry one more plastic in my wallet!

Don't want to give my phone number (instead) to buy a pack of gum.Shopping elsewhere until they get rid of it.


First of all, you do need a wellness card to get the sale prices, but many stores that are out there, you need a discount card to get the sale; as far as needing a +up to get the sale, that is bogus. A plus up is a coupon that will print on your receipt at the end of your purchase that you can use on any non prescription purchase the next time you come in.


I don't like the +UPs myself


The wellness card IS the +UP card. That particular sales associate needs some training.

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