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RiteAid complaint - I have thought it strange the last few times that my total was always an even amount. So last time I noticed a 33cent charge to Kidscent that I had not asked for.

So after reading posts here - I have to agree with most other post on this site. So I just went back to my riteaid and bought something, used my Wellness card to see if I had the choice to opt in. There is no choice when I enter my wellness card number - but it was charged to my purchase - rounded up 45cents. I asked the clerk where that came from and she just started to explain the program - when I asked why I am not given a choice = she just said it is automatic for wellness members and would not take it off my charge.

I do not agree with this and hopefully there will be enough complaints that they will stop the process.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rite Aid Pros: Products.

Rite Aid Cons: Violating privacy rights.

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Think maybe someone in the Attorney's General Office might be interested in this one.


It gives you 3 options you made the choice but if you want out just tell the cashier & they can unenroll you...Spop blaming Riteaid for your doing


I do not feel like buying again at Rite Aid anymore.


6.00$ to 7$ I didn’t authorize this- ask don’t Force me- I won’t at Rite Aid.


Today I specifically said "wow that's strange last time I was here it was even too" and she just giggled and said "oh sometimes it just works out that way". NO WAY WAS I TOLD ABOUT THIS..... IS that even legal to do without consent?


I do not believe it is right for Rite Aid to round up a purchase without being asked. This has happened to me several times.

If they are doing this every day to every customer in the country they are making big money.

Has anyone seen or heard of the children benefiting from this? I refuse to buy from them anymore other than picking up my prescription.


this charge is b.s. sick of it being ripped off money out of my pocket without asking me.


It just happened to me today, a $.75 charge...I do not mind giving to charity but it should be by choice not mandated because you use your "wellness card", there should be a law against this....


the cashier can opt you out of it. some of them just do not know about it.. half of the time customers give out their phone numbers to a lot of other people or someone else has had that same number for a life time and its most likely never updated on their profile nor has it been deleted..hope this makes sense...I had signed up for a wellness card with my new phone number ,its crazy it had an account under someone else's name,which I thought was odd because I had just gotten my new phone less than a month.


I asked not to be enrolled but she didn’t care- This was a purchase over 200$- before it went through- they charged a friend a 10$ round up- she returned everything and demanded the $10 donation- that she did not authorize.


I got charged .98 this is not right I noticed my medicine went up almost a dollar looked at receipt and there it was I'm not happy about this at all!


The same thing happened to me and the clerk said she could not disenroll me - I had to do it on line! Now I can't see where to opt out online. It is a racket!


Charged me 75 cents


This same thing just happened to me. I thought I would receive a discount on my purchase, but instead my bill was rounded up to the nearest dollar.

From no on, when asked if I have a "wellness card" my answer will be NO.

I don't mind giving, but It will be by choice not automatic.


that should be - are NOT automatically enrolled.

Safeway for example we have never had anything like this happen as any other store.


This happened to me as well.

I was automatically enrolled in the program. I did not sign up-

I am very aware when I check out - there was no option to press "yes" or "no"

IT WAS AUTOMATIC and fraudulent

Other store have similar programs and folks are "accidentally" signed up-



I had the same experience and the store clerks were not able to remove the charges or unsubscribe. I just called the customer care number: 800-748-3243 and used the option to report an in-store issue. The customer service rep took my info, verified, and immediately opted me out of the KidCents program!


Your comment is the only useful one here. Thank you for providing the 1-800 number.

The cashier refused to unroll me from the program claiming my mother "signed" a "contract" thus we couldn't opt out. My elderly mother is nearly blind and if she pressed anything, it was on accident. I'm just going to pick up prescriptions at CVS it's much closer to our home anyways.

Cheers and thank you again! =D


They will take it off your amount and will delete it permantly if you want them to. I just did it at my Rite Aid tell them you want to omt out of the program.


I did that now for the third time. You'll see, it will come back again without your permission.

This is illegal. I will never shop Rite Aide again.