my complaint is against riteaid pharmacy on sicklerville rd. in sicklerville, new jersey.they have total disregard for their patients. such as my fellow senior citizens and i.

the pharmacy is not organized. scripts are either lost or they claim they never received any scripts from us. or they say they are out of the meds and we have to come back the next day.so why dont they should take inventory every other day or even everyday.

my life and control of my pain depend on these people. but they could care less.think ill change drugstore again. thanks

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To Linda you dialed 1-800-rite aid and they wanted to charge you 9.99? I work for rite Aid, if you let me know what store you have had problems at I will get you an actual phone number for the area district manager.


Worst drug store is Rite Aid...Long lines at the pharmacy, do not answer phone when trying to call them, Phone message says call your pescription in then says that can be ready to pick up in 4 days after 5pm...are they crazy!!!

I am pulling all my perscriptions out of there today. In the past they gave me the wrong meds for my husband not once but twice and one was for a life threating illness...could have killed him.

When it was called Thrifty Drugs it was so much better.:(


I understand that working at a Pharmacy is hard work, and that they have alot to do.My complaint is that, I have to pay in full.

Rite Aide has NEVER aknowledged the low cost discounts allowed to americans where as other pharmacies do.

I have meds and specifically get them at Rite Aide because they have been able to proivde them from certain Labs. However, when they don't have those meds, they do not inform me, the patient. I was not told that the lab was different, and given the meds.

I came home and returned to the store with my complaint. I was told that I could have 4 pills (The pharmacist told me he was having "difficulty ordering the meds from the company I used to get them from EVEN though I later went to a different store where they could be filled EASILY from the lab that RITE ADIE some how can't get any meds from?). However, when I went back to RIDE AIDE, to say I wanted to cancel the meds,I was told I couldn't do that, it was already filled. I believe that this should be their error, and I shouldn't have to run around for the proper medication, pay for it twice, and have to go to my MD about this.

I know what I am saying may not make sense, but I think that they disregard their customers as well. I wish there was some where I could go which would be an effective place to complain.

If Kaiser didn't carry medications from worse labs I would have never gone to Rite Aide in the first place.Now Rite Aide is expensive...

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maybe you can be proactive and call it in over the phone a day ahead.....i know its a hard concept because everyone thinks they are the only person in the world that needs anything...but sometimes planning a day ahead (or two....just think of the possibility) eliminates all the agravación and enables you to make one trip.There are over 3000 prescription products and they dont know you are coming in.....they dont stock pharmacies with crystal balls.

The only way they can preplan for you is to have you on automatic fill.. why dont you do that? then they call you when its ready instead of you getting pissed all the time.

these people work hard for minimum wage and the pharmacists are overloaded with work...if others had to work under those conditions...no breaks...no lunch.....standing 8 to 10 hours straight...they wouldnt be able to do it physically and the mental strain is immense....4 phone lines ringing in...people standing around staring.....interrrupting constantly and trying to remain at 100% perfection.....how many other businesses can run like that??And the result of any mistake can be catastrophic .....give the peopl


Trust me.rite aid does not care about its employees either. I work there and if you need contact info. i could give it to you.


Does anyone know a phone number for the corporate office of Rite Aid stores?I have a complaint I want to file, but the number I called wanted to charge $9.99 fot file a complaint.

Can You beat that? Pay to file a complaint!!

Rite Aid is really going downhill.


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