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Last Sunday my manager Jerry from Norwich ny. Started yelling at me in front of customers and he was laughing thought it was funny.

I’m a senior citizen working to make a living. I might not be able to move like the younger kids but I do my job. I went to the asst manager dan he was going to talk to Jerry to ask him to apologize. But it’s like he didn’t care.

He has double standards for all employees. It does it a lot to his workers. I just don’t know what to do any more. All I want to do is make aliving.

I will be 64. I know writing this I will have my hrs cut. What rights do I have against this kind of harassment from the manger. Upset for being treated like dirt I called for a bag of ice I was told only manager or supervisors was aloud to get ice.

He started yelling at me with customers standing right there. He said he was to busy to get ice and I was suppose to call another cashier. But I was told only manger could get it. I was getting ice one day outside and got yelled at for it.

Told I couldn’t do that. He has double standards on who can do what. Customer looked at me and said who was that nasty rude person talking to u like that. I just said the manager.

The ppl waiting for the ice was standing right there. I know he will cut my hours for this but I always need an apology.

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As a retail worker you have no rights the managers are not there to be your friend just because your a senior citizen doesn’t automatically make you immune to receiving g criticism from your manager if they are yelling at you then you did something wrong so just get over it already.


Now that wouldn't have happened in the Good Old South. That sounds like some rude and mean yankee behavior to me.

In the South they would have been real nice to you and gotten the ice and brought it out to the car for you and they would have had a real nice conversation with you and all.

That man sounds like a real nut-job to me! The Rite-Aid Corporate folks should fire his sorry *** and replace him with someone nice from the south!