Let's start with I have never ever made a complaint before but,I went into your store to buy I container of sanitizing wipes, 1 Lysol spray, and 1 hand sanitizer and the clerk told me the company policy was I could only purchase 1 product from. Them period and proceeds to tell my how insensitive I am for even trying to buy all 3 of the different products, because there needs to be enough for everyone, ok I could see if I was over purchasing products but to chastise me for a normal considerate purchase was rude, plus she informed me they have the right to make a policy that works for there store!! I have never ever hoarded anything and would never be inconsiderate to others so I was so offended I will never return to that location again, and if it was a policy there was absolutely no signs to posted to prove it,

User's recommendation: Don't ever go into that location because obviously not every location has rude employees.

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