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The lady working at the Rite pharmacy in San Clemente is rude and should be terminated. Tonight was not the first night I have interacted with her. She has helped me in the past, seeing how I live only across the street on West Canada. I go to Rite Aid to pick up any merchandise I may need and also once a month anyways for a prescription. Tonight she was rude and insulting and actually refused to ring me up. I asked for a manager and she said, "good, I'm busy". I did, however; tell her that she was "f-ing rude". As a walked away mind you she was the only one working and no one was in line, she says,"watch your mouth".

Once I talked to the manager, I felt as though nothing was going to be taken care of and she was not going to even be talked to. The manager was polite and apologized, but really this was the worst experience I have ever had there. I did not get her name, but she is an older lady with redish/brown hair. There is also an older blolnde lady and older gentlemen that work there and let me just say that they will be the only reason I go there for anything.They are great with customer service and have always been friendly and warm. CVS is only a block away. I have told pretty much anyone that has come into contact with me about my experience with the pharmacy lady. Hope something will come of this, but if not at least I've gotten this somewhat of my chest.


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