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Update by user Jun 26, 2017

one other thing, all of these anonymous comments implying that I must have done or said something to warrant Tineka's behavior are annoying beyond belief. You people insist on trying to make me look like the one in the wrong with your snark.


I know I'll just receive more snarky comments as a result of my posting this. :/

Update by user Jun 26, 2017

Continued comments from "anonymous" posters are making me wish I hadn't posted a complaint or review. Is that what this site is all about....jumping to conclusions, making accusations and slamming people you think did something wrong?

I know, I this update you'll probably think I am the rude one and I did something wrong. How many times do I have to say to everyone, I did NOT say anything rude to her. Yes I know I need to allow more time in the future. I made a mistake.

Is that worth all you "anonymous" posters making comments like "you and your act?" You make me wish I had never even found this site. Enough already!

Update by user Jun 21, 2017

I want to clarify something else. I have observed this behavior from Tineka with other customers.

I have since been told by a few friends who visited that store that they observed her doing this with other people. Management told me that they have had problems with her attitude. A former clerk who works at a different Rite Aid now said that Tineka is conceited.

So, for the record it is not "me" that is the problem. These are all true facts whether you believe them or not.

Update by user Jun 21, 2017

If you're only going to comment about my attitude or what you think I did SAVE YOUR TIME. I'm not interested.

Update by user Jun 19, 2017

I am marking this as resolved because I do not want to read or hear rude comments about me. I know that Tineka will do such things.

Original review posted by user Jun 19, 2017

I went to a Rite Aid where a woman named "Tineka" works. I had to catch a bus and only had a few minutes to get checked out.

She moved along slowly, spending more time talking to others than focusing on her work. I abruptly left and put my items back on the counter, telling her I had to catch a bus. Two months later, I returned to this store (with more time to spare) to pick up another item. Tineka was running the register.

She WOULD NOT CHECK ME OUT because she remembered me and held a grudge against me. Instead she said that I'd have to have someone else check me out (there weren't any other cashiers around). When I asked why she said it was because I wasn't a nice person. Then the witch brought up what happened 2 months prior, something I'd forgotten.

I reported her to the Corporate branch, but nothing much was done. Tineka still works at this store and still treats customers like (ahem). Why hold grudges against someone for something they don't even remember? IMO it shows that she's the one who isn't nice, and that Rite Aid clearly doesn't give a (ahem).

I attempted to visit this morning but had to leave because Tineka told me to get out of "her" store (she's ONLY a clerk and is not the manager per Corporate). Thanks for looking out for your customers, Rite Aid.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: FIRE TINEKA.

I didn't like: That tineka still works there and has not changed her behavior.

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UPDATE: I found out that Tineka (Plant) is one of the managers at this Rite Aid, hence the laughter when I told her I would have her fired. Naturally Rite Aid itself won't do anything, and with rude snarky anonymous posters just berating me, in the future I won't post anything here or recommend this site.


NO, I was NOT rude to her. I told her, "I'm sorry but I have to catch a bus." When I put the things on the counter I also told her, "it's nothing against you, I just need to leave." But she held it against me anyway.

If you read my updates, you'll see that a friend of mine who rides the same bus I do had an experience similar to mine with "Tineka."

Comments like yours make me wish I had never posted a review.

I continue to have ppl think I did something wrong, when I have repeatedly said I didn't. "Anonymous" posters like yourself make me wish I had never even found this site.


is it possible that you left out because you were in a hurry you were saying rude things to cashier to speed her the future allow more than 3 mins to shop

to Anonymous #1344131

Why don't you read the entire review, along with the updates before jumping to conclusions?

to Anonymous #1344157

No, it is not possible. Read my reply to you above, and please take the time to read all of the updates and my replies to comments like yours, before proceeding to imply that I have the problem and Tineka does not.

Like I said, I have a friend who went there to purchase something and Tineka was slow to check her out, and gave her an attitude too. True story.

to Anonymous #1344159

Just another clarification, I did NOT get upset with Tineka because she was moving slow. I did NOT say anything to her.

I simply didn't have the time to wait any longer, and when she couldn't figure out how to use the card processor (or whatever it's called) I decided I'd better not keep on waiting, unless I wanted to miss my bus. Can you understand that?

:( I wasn't rude with her. :(

to Anonymous #1553133

Hey anonymous, in the future read everything that is written before being rude. Ppl like you are why this site sucks. They should rename this place "troll haven."


Anonymous in Indiana, "an act?" "You and your act?"

You put on a pretty good act yourself when you accused the author of not making Tineka's day.

Quitman, Texas, United States #1342481

Indiana has the nerve to complain about the poster but apparently didn't read the review. When a cashier isn't focused on servicing the customer this is when problems arise.

Tineka was not doing her job. She was busy talking to the other clerks and if you read the reviewer's reply, they said she didn't know how to process a debit card.

If Tineka was new, then this could've been the problem. But since Indiana was not there when this happened, they shouldn't be accusing the poster.


You deserve what you got. You're the problem, not Tineka. You have some serious problems.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1342254

"Two months later"

Wow.. You must have made an impression on this person for them to remember you and your act two months later.

People will only remember you if you're an ss or you made their day.

Something tells me you didn't make herday

to Anonymous #1342436

You weren't there. If you can't be polite then don't reply.

to Anonymous #1342444

OK Anonymous in Indiana, here's the whole story since you think I'm such an ss. I went in there to purchase 2 items.

I had to wait in line, and I only had about 3 minutes until the connecting bus to work arrived. When I finally got checked out by Tineka, she was talking to other clerks and taking a long time checking me out. She was not moving along and focusing on checking out my items. She didn't know how to process my debit card.

So I left my items on the counter and told her, "I'm sorry but I have to go, I'm going to miss my bus." I hurried out the door. Maybe you don't ride buses, so if that's the case, then I suggest you give it a go. I know you'll tell me I'm (insert names) but what YOU think doesn't matter to me. I didn't ask for your opinion.

But since you insist on interfering, you tell me what I did that caused her to react the way she did 2 months later. I'm sure you'll have something nice to say.

to Rudepplsuck #1344161

. Before any other "anonymous" commenters attempt to imply that I must've done or said something wrong, just because I didn't include my telling Tineka "it's nothing against you" in my initial review doesn't mean I am making it up now.

The original incident occurred several months ago and I had forgotten about it, but unfortunately Tineka did not. Just because I did not remember every single thing I did and said when it first happened does not mean I am hiding anything, making things up, etc.

so please DON'T accuse me of that. (Altho, sadly, it appears that's all anonymous ppl do at this site.)

to Anonymous Trumbull, Connecticut, United States #1342472

"Wow"...hey Indiana, remember when the poster asked for your opinion? Maybe you should get your own life and stop interfering in everyone else's.

to Anonymous #1349698

Something tells me you don't make a lot of people's day's either. You're the ss, ss h.

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