i had several bad experiences with rite aide pharmacy people in Oceana wv, they are very hateful and they have jumped down my throat several times the pharmasist,petra , and a three other girls that work back there.. for example i was wanting to fill my prescription and they always say it will be about an hour, so i asked didn't they have a 15 min.

wait time and thats all it took for her to jump my case i said i didn't mean anything wrong by asking i was just wondering and said i'm sorry but there was no remorse on her part , there has like i said a few times like that one. so i have contacted another pharmacy about filling my meds there at least they will be more considerate..... i hope you could speak to them about their additudes for the sake of other people that may go there in the future ... p.s.

the other rite aides in different areas such as pineville wv and beckley wv are very kind and thoughtful.... just saying

Product or Service Mentioned: Rite Aid Prescription Refill.

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Ya I agree and you should check out the pharmacy I go to, I am on Antidepressants and must have my meds filled quickly sometimes or I get sick coming off this stuff,,,,anyhow the seems the more I needit the longer they make me wait,,,unprofessional rude and disrespectful !!! No Class or Customer Service, What was funny was the 15 minute rule they came up with lol more like 15 days. What a JOKE this store truly is,,,a manager at Riteaide actually had the NERVE to ask us to not post on this site but to call customer service first??Haha Another Joke,,,This store is for the employees not the Shopper and this *** card they have you have to be a god *** math genius to figure it friggin out and its just another way for them to rip ya off anyhow!


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